The abstracts of all posters are available in the associated booklet.

1 Michael Abdul-Masih Is VFTS 352 a Gravitational Wave Progenitor?
2 Claudia Agliozzo Luminous Blue Variables with collimated winds
3 Gustavo Aguayo The nature of the binary star HV Lup
4 Fahri Alicavus Comparison of Single and Binary Star Evolution Models for Selected Detached Binaries
5 Fahri Alicavus Stellar Evolution of Binary Stars from Detached to Contact Phase
6 Metin Altan Evidence of photometric and spectral variability for SDSSJ074624+423705
7 Roman Avramenko Observability of characteristic binary-induced structures in circumbinary disks
8 Angie Barr Eclipsing high-mass binaries
9 Liz Bartlett CI Camelopardalis: The archetypal sgB[e]/X-ray binary almost 20 years on
10 Sopia Beradze Old and New PhotometricObservations of P Cygni
11 Julia Bodensteiner Interaction between Massive Stars and the Interstellar Medium
12 Henri Boffin The mass-ratio distribution of spectroscopic binaries along the main-sequence
13 Michael Bremer IRC+10216 in high-resolution molecular lines
14 David Brown An Expansion of the Mass-Orbital Period Relation of sdBs from Stable Roche lobe overflow
15 Denise Castro Carbon enrichment in APOGEE disk stars as evidence of mass transfer process
16 Drahomir Chochol The Algol-type binaries RW CrA and DX Vel as multiple systems
17 Drahomir Chochol GSC 3152-1202, a massive eccentric eclipsing binary with a fast apsidal motion
18 Martyna Chruslinska How bad are we at predicting DNS merger rates?
19 Jesus Corral-Santana On the orbital period of MAXI J1659-152: the shortest in a black hole candidate
20 Borbala Cseh Constraints on AGB nucleosynthesis based on Barium star observations
21 Gergely Csepany Multi-epoch observations with high spatial resolution of multiple T Tauri systems
22 Katarzyna Drozd Comparison of the distribution of Symbiotic Stars in Milky Way and in M31
23 Steve Ertel Heavy exo-cometary activity around the Helix central star?
24 Francis Fortin Spectroscopic identification of INTEGRAL high-energy sources using VLT/ISAAC
25 Yan Gao Tertiary Tides: A Novel Mechanism with Potential Implications for the Evolution of Some Binaries
26 Hongwei Ge Rapid mass transfer in binaries and its application in common envelope evolution
27 Benjamin Giesers Binary stars in Galactic globular Clusters observed with MUSE
28 Avishai Gilkis The crucial role of binary interactions for CCSNe of rapidly rotating massive stars
29 Carlos Alberto Guerrero Pena Binary stars as seen by Speckle Interferometry
30 Zhao Guo Post-mass Transfer Delta Scuti/Gamma Doradus Stars in Close Binaries
31 Catrina Hamilton-Drageri The Photometric Evolution of V723 Cas (Nova Cas 1995) from 2006-2016
32 Zhanwen Han Binary Evolution and Type Ia Supernovae
33 Berry Holl Automatic determination of eclipsing binary periods
34 Swetlana Hubrig HD 96446: a long-period binary with a strongly magnetic He-rich component with beta Cep pulsations
35 Swetlana Hubrig Upper main sequence binaries with magnetic components
36 Christian Hummel The spotted active binary UX Arietis
37 Andrei Igoshev Velocity of the MSP is an important probe of the binary evolution
38 Puji Irawati An investigation of the peculiar photometric dips in the WDMS binary SDSS J1021+1744
39 Valentin Ivanov New Binaries from infrared surveys
40 Chris Johnson Exploring low and intermediate-mass binary properties in the young cluster Westerlund 2 using HST
41 Cole Johnston Asteroseismology of close binary pulsators
42 Belinda Kalomeni Evolution of Binaries Containing a White Dwarf
43 Paulina Karczmarek The occurrence of binary evolution pulsators in classical instability strip of RR Lyrae and Cepheid variables
44 Nino Kochiashvili On the Binarity and the Possible Pulsations of P Cygni
45 Rainer Koehler Dynamical Masses of young visual binaries as test for pre-main-sequence evolutionary models
46 Gloria Koenigsberger Tidally excited oscillations in the context of stellar evolution
47 Yutaka Komiyama Binary Fraction from Hyper Suprime-Cam Deep Imaging Survey for the Local Group Dwarf Galaxies
48 Michalis Kourniotis Constraining the parameters of massive eclipsing binaries in the Local Group
49 Kateryna Kravchenko Tomographic method and its application to the detection of binarity
50 Eva Laplace Are long-term periodicities and giant outbursts in BeXRBs driven by Kozai-Lidov oscillations?
51 Georgi Latev Rapid photometric variability of the unique binary system AE Aquarii during 2013-2016
52 Holger Lehmann The Rossiter effect in Algol-type systems
53 Lifang Li A Hottest White Dwarf SDSS J134430.11+032423.1 with a Planetary Debris Disk
54 Zhengwei Liu The interaction of core-collapse supernova ejecta with a companion star
55 Christophe Martayan Binarity: the clue to understand the LBVs behaviour and their surrounding environment?
56 Elena Mason The Kepler Swift Survey (KSS): active stars as possible FK Com descendant
57 Andrea Mehner The impact of binarity on the Luminous Blue Variable phenomenon
58 Ronald Mennickent Interacting binaries of intermediate mass showing long-cycle photometric periods
59 Antoine Merand The hunt of close-orbit companions of Galactic Cepheids
60 Tibor Mitnyan Complex photodynamical analysis of the close hierarchical triple systems KIC 6525196 and KIC 8043961
61 Glenn-Michael Oomen Exploring the orbital diversity of post-AGB binaries
62 Anna Pannicke Runaway Stars in Supernova Remnants
63 Ingrid Pelisoli Are sdAs He-core stars?
64 Bogumil Pilecki Mass determination for SB1 systems with pulsating components and the RaveSpan software
65 Vincent Prat Tides in binary, differentially rotating, cool stars
66 Chris Pritchet The Spatial Distribution of Type Ia Supernovae in their Host Galaxies
67 Andrej Prsa The distribution of orbital periods and eccentricities for close solar-type binary stars
68 Ying Qin The spin of the second-born black hole in coalescing double black hole binaries
69 Oscar Hernan Ramirez Agudelo The BBC survey: unbiased reporting of the 30 Doradus' B-star binaries
70 Noel Richardson Possible Tidally Excited Pulsations in the eta Carinae binary Revealed from BRITE photometry
71 Noel Richardson X-ray and Optical Variability of the colliding winds binary gamma2 Velorum
72 Tyler Richey-Yowell Characterizing Short Period Eclipsing Binaries in the Field of NGC 2362
73 Efrat Sabach The class of Jsolated stars
74 Orlando J. Katime Santrich Chemical analysis of binary and non-binary dwarf stars in the young stellar association AB Doradus
75 Linda Schmidtobreick QZ Lib: a period bouncer
76 Markus Schoeller A systematic study of the connection between binarity and overabundances in HgMn stars
77 Ron Schreier An outburst powered by the merging of two stars inside the envelope of a giant
78 Evgenii Semenko HD 202664: a new HgMn star?
79 Tomer Shenar Binary mass-transfer does not dominate the formation of Wolf-Rayet stars in the Magellanic Clouds
80 Shreeya Shetye The Gaia HR diagram of S stars
81 Sagiv Shiber Simulating the Grazing Envelope Evolution (GEE)
82 Lionel Siess The role of the circumbinary disc in shaping the orbital parameters of Ba stars
83 Noam Soker The decisive role of jets in determining the outcome of strong binary interaction
84 Mads Sorensen A new approach to unravel the formation history of nearby black hole x-ray binaries
85 Mads Sorensen The formation of massive close binaries via accretion
86 Monica Taormina Early-type eclipsing binaries in the LMC
87 Katie Tehrani Weighing Melnick 34: The most massive eclipsing binary?
88 Gregor Traven Search for binaries in large spectroscopic surveys using t-SNE reduction of spectral information
89 Schuyler Van Dyk A Binary Progenitor for the Type IIb Supernova 2016gkg
90 Schuyler Van Dyk Searching for Companions of the Binary Progenitors of Supernovae
91 Manana Vardosanidze EM Cep
92 Joris Vos Using wide sdB binaries to constrain binary interaction theory
93 Gerd Weigelt VLTI-AMBER monitoring of Eta Car's wind-wind collision zone
94 Grzegorz Wiktorowicz The origin of the Ultraluminous X-ray Sources
95 Markus Wittkowski V766 Cen (=HR 5171 A): A luminous red supergiant with a close companion
96 Kadri Yakut Long-term photometric monitoring of the selected binary systems with compact objects
97 Miloslav Zejda Census of contact binaries close to period limit
98 David Mkrtichian The oEA stars: pulsations in the presence of mass-accretion