Scientific Programme

Programme as at 7 January 2015

REGISTRATION: Monday, 19 January 2015, 12:00-13:00

Program Overview

Day 1: Monday, 19 January 2015 (afternoon)
12:00 Registration  
13:00 T. de Zeeuw Welcome
13:10 R. Ivison
13:20 F. Primas Community Poll
13:40 M. McCaughrean
ESA Programme (Invited Talk)

Planets and planet formation

14:30 M. Bizzarro
Origin of the solar system (Invited Talk)
15:10 Y. Alibert Exoplanets (Invited Talk)
15:50 I. Jimenez-Serra Astrobiology (Invited Talk)
16:30 Coffee Break  
16:50 T. Stallard Giant planets in the Solar System: Ongoing and upcoming observations and their implication for exoplanet and brown dwarf
17:10 A. Fitzsimmons Asteroids and comets in the coming decade
17:30 L. Testi, P. Caselli, S. Udry Panel Discussion
18:30 Reception  
Day 2:Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Stars, formation and evolution

08:30 S. Longmore
High mass star formation/ clusters (Invited Talk)
09:15 G. Chabrier
Stellar evolution (Invited Talk)
10:00 E. Humphreys
Late-type stars (Invited Talk)
10:45 Coffee Break  
11:00 A. Richards Seeing into stars (and their clouds)
11:20 R. Smiljanic Overview of Gaia-ESO Survey results based on high-resolution spectra of FGK-type stars
11:40 S. Feltzing, P. Roche Panel Discussion
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 R. Braun SKA (Invited Talk)
14:00 M. Bremer Do we need a wide field 8-m spectroscopic survey telescope?

Milky Way and Local Neighbourhood

14:20 F. Eisenhauer
The centre of the Milky Way (Invited Talk)
15:05 A. Helmi
The Milky Way as a galaxy (Invited Talk)
15:50 M.R. Cioni
Magellanic Clouds (Invited Talk)
16:35 Coffee Break  
16:50 R. Davies Resolved Stellar Populations with Visible Adaptive Optics on the VLT
17:10 F. Primas, I. Saviane, C. Evans, J. Knapen Panel Discussion
18:00   End of Day 2
Day 3:Wednesday, 21 January 2015


08:30 R. Maiolino Gas in galaxies (Invited Talk)
09:15 V. Mainieri AGN and galaxies (Invited Talk)
10:00 N. Förster-Schreiber Galaxy evolution (Invited Talk)
10:45 Coffee Break  
11:00 S. Hoenig AGN cosmology - a new perspective for VLTI in the E-ELT and LSST era
11:20 S. Smartt Explosive transients in the next decade
11:40 A. Alonso-Herrero, L. Tacconi, F. Hammer Panel Discussion
12:30 Lunch  


14:00 S. Bridle Weak lensing in the next decade (Invited Talk)
14:45 P. Noterdaeme Gas at high redshift/ fundamental constants (Invited Talk)
15:30 J. Peacock Large Scale Structure (Invited Talk)
16:15 Coffee Break  
16:30 M. Haehnelt The future of reionization
16:50 C. Cicone ESO in the 2020s: the "bright" millimetre/ sub-millimetre future
17:10 B. Leibundgut, C. Lagos, Y. Mellier Panel Discussion
18:00   End of Day 3
Day 4: Thursday, 22 January 2015

Future facilities

08:30 P. Antilogus
LSST (Invited Talk)
09:15 S. Wagner
Gamma-Ray Astronomy in the 2020s (Invited Talk)
10:00 Coffee Break  

Presentation of scientific priorities

10:15 J.-P. Berger
B. Leibundgut
11:35 L. Testi ALMA
12:15 I. Hook E-ELT
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 R. Ivison Concluding Remarks and discussion
15:00   End of workshop