HIRES 2014: "Astronomy at high angular resolution – a cross-disciplinary approach"

List of Poster Papers

Poster Nr.





1 Boffin Henri ESO The interferometry''s view on Symbiotic Stars
2 Carbillet Marcel Université de Nice/Observatoire de la Côte d''Azur Post-adaptive optics speckle imaging in the visible
V.G. Fessenkov Astrophysical Insitute
On the high resolution gravitational lens model
INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Torino
Measurement of stellar diameters with Intensity Interferometry on cherenkov telescope arrays
6 Kovari Zsolt Konkoly Observatory Differential rotation of the long-period RS CVn-type σ Gem revisited
7 Longa Pena
Penelope Warwick University Contstraining Orbital Parameters with Doppler Tomography
8 Mackay Craig University of Cambridge GravityCam: the Detection of Large Numbers of Earth-Mass Planets
9 Mennickent
Ronald Cid Universidad de Concepción Double Periodic Variables as laboratories for high angular resolution studies
10 Rivinius Thomas ESO Chile
AMBER/VLTI Snapshot Survey on Circumstellar Environments (2 poster places)
11 Rivinius Thomas ESO Chile
The Potential η Car like Binarity of the LBV HR Car
12 Schmidtobreick Linda ESO Vitacura Doppler tomography studies of the dwarf nova QZ Lib
13 Stern
Jonathan Max Planck Institute for Astronomy Spatially Resolving the Kinematics of the <~0.1 mas Quasar Broad Line Region Using Spectroastrometry
14 Willson Matthew Exeter University Constraining the Structure of V1247 Orionis Using Multi Wavelength Interferometry and Radiative Transfer SED Modelling