ExoELT2014: Programme

Last updated: 29 November 2013

Day 1: Monday, 3 February 2014
11:00 Registration  
13:15 T. de Zeeuw Welcome
13:30 J. Spyromilio Current Status of the E-ELT
Session 1: Initial Conditions, Evolving Disks and Forming Proto-Planets
14:00 L. Testi Invited review
14:35 J. Marshall Linking stars, planets and debris through Herschel observations of radial velocity exoplanet host stars
14:50 M. R. Zapatero Osorio Free-floating planets and the E-ELT
15:05 T. Meshkat Filling in the Gaps in "Holey Disks" with METIS
15:20 Coffee and poster viewing
15:50 M. Meyer Fire and Ice
16:05 E. Guenther Planet formation in different environments
16:20 Discussion
17:30 Welcome Reception
Day 2: Tuesday, 4 February 2014
Session 2: Planetary Populations through Detection Surveys
9:00 C. Lovis Invited review
9:35 B. Canto Martins
A Search for Giant Exoplanets around Intermediate-Mass Giant Stars in Open Clusters
9:50 B. Biller Statistical Analysis of Exoplanet Populations from Large-Scale Direct Imaging Surveys
10:05 A. Quirrenbach Precise Radial Velocity Measurements in the Near Infrared
10:20 Coffee and poster viewing
10:50 R. Gratton Synergies of E-ELT and space-based instruments for exoplanet science
11:05 A. Boccaletti The benefits of MICADO for exploring the population of young giant planets
11:20 Discussion
11:50 Poster pop-ups
12:05 Lunch
Session 3: Characterisation through Transit Spectroscopy
13:35 M. Lopez-Morales Invited review
14:10 E. Palle Tests, lessons, and successes of exoplanet transit observations with the GTC
14:25 X. Bonfils Design considerations for precise ground-based spectrophotometry
14:40 N. Piskunov Exoplanet characterization with high-resolution IR spectroscopy
14:55 Coffee and poster viewing
15:25 M. Mallonn Transmission spectroscopy of the inflated Saturn-mass HAT-P-19b
15:40 M. Brogi Probing the atmospheres of non-transiting exoplanets
15:55 B.-O. Demory Mapping Clouds in Exoplanet Atmospheres
16:10 Discussion
16:40 Poster pop-ups
Day 4: Thursday, 6 February 2014
Session 6: Synthesis: Towards a Vision for the E-ELT
9:00 Discussion
10:00 Discussion
11:00 Coffee and poster viewing
11:30 Discussion
12:30 Discussion

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