Scientific Rationale - Clustering Measurements of Active Galactic Nuclei - Garching, Germany, 14-18 July 2014

Galaxies and AGN are not randomly distributed in the universe. The distribution of AGN, measured by clustering measurements, enables new insights into the physical conditions that govern the accretion onto supermassive black holes. At the same time, high precision AGN clustering can provide constraints on cosmological parameters. Therefore, AGN clustering measurements have gained a significant interest in the community in the last decade. In particular, upcoming large surveys will generate AGN samples with several million objects and offer the unique opportunity to study AGN and galaxy co-evolution, AGN physics, and cosmology with AGN clustering measurements. 

Scientific topics covered at the conference include: 

  • Zoo of AGN & a consistent picture of AGN large-scale clustering properties 
  • What we can learn from galaxy clustering measurements
  • Synergy between large-scale structure simulations and AGN clustering measurements 
  • Locating AGN in dark matter halos: AGN small-scale clustering & Halo occupation distribution studies 
  • Future large AGN samples for clustering measurements & challenges