ESO/NUVA/IAG Workshop on Challenges in UV Astronomy, ESO Garching, 7-11 October 2013

Poster Papers

The poster papers will be on display in the Council Room (room 114) at ESO from Tuesday, 8 October until the end of the conference on Friday, 11 October. Poster presenters are kindly asked to take down their poster at the end of the workshop.

Poster panels are 120cm high and 100cm wide, allowing posters up to A0 portrait size.

The numbers assigned in the list of poster papers will correspond to the respective display area.

List of posters as at 04-Oct-2013


1 BIANCHI, Luciana The GALEX Catalog of Ultraviolet Sources in the Magellanic Clouds
Heavy elements in the moderately metal-poor globular cluster NGC 6522
3 GOMEZ DE CASTRO, Ana Ines A planetary influence on solar activity
Testing mass transfer and magnetospheric structure in the PMS binary AK Sco
5 HULL, Tony
Lightweight ZERODUR: A Faster, Better, Cheaper Mirror Material for Spaceborne UV Telescopes with Apertures below 30cm to greater than 4m Apertures
6 KELLER, Graziela
UV spectral analysis of very hot H-deficient [WCE] CSPNe: NGC 6905, Pb 6, NGC 5189, NGC 2867 and Sand 3
7 LAGIOIA, Edoardo
WFPC2 UV survey of GGCs: temperature scale of the HBs
8 LEACH, Steven
High Speed Imaging with Adaptive Digital Pulse Shaping
9 PEREA ABARCA, Gracia Belen
The Imaging and Slitless Spectroscopy Instrument for Surveys (ISSIS) for the World Space Observatory-Ultraviolet (WSO-UV): optical design, performance and verification tests
10 SACHKOV, Mikhail
WSO-UV project for spectroscopy and imaging
11 SANCHEZ, Nestor
A GALEX based survey of the Taurus star forming region
12 SAVANOV, Igor
Spectrographs of WSO-UV project
13 SAVANOV, Igor On the Astron UV space mission
14 SHALYAPIN, Vyacheslav
Crowded-field Image Simulator for WSO-UV/ ISSIS
15 SHUGAROV, Andrey
UV and VUV detectors for spectrographs of WSO-UV project
16 TUCCI MAIA, Marcelo Differential chemical abundances of heavy elements in solar twins