Science from the Next Generation Imaging and Spectroscopic Surveys, ESO Garching, 15-18 October 2012

Poster Papers

The poster papers will be on display in the Council Room (room 114) at ESO until the end of the lunch break on Thursday. Poster presenters are kindly asked to take down their poster by 14:00 on Thursday, 18 October.

Poster panels are 120cm high and 100cm wide, allowing posters up to A0 portrait size.

The numbers assigned in the list of poster papers correspond to the respective display area.

List of posters as at 09-Nov-2012

Poster presentation sessions (one-slide/two-minute presentations):
Tue, 16 Oct., 15:20-15:40 and Wed, 17 Oct., 15:50-16:10.

(actual POSTERS linked to the titles)
(1) ANDERNACH,  Heinz Finding Giant Radio Galaxies in Imaging Radio Surveys
(2) BOUT, Jeffrey Global Photometry in big surveys / Abstract
(3) BRAGAGLIA,  Angela The Open Clusters in the Gaia-ESO Survey
(4) BRAMICH, Daniel SDSS Results / Abstract
(5) COTE,  Patrick CASTOR - The Cosmological Advanced Survey Telescope for Optical and uv Research
(6) FABBRO,  Sebastien Automated Transient Detection from Archived Surveys / Abstract
(7) GIRARDI, Leo The Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment (APOGEE) / Abstract
(8) GULLIEUSZIK, Marco OMEGA-WINGS: first observations of WINGS cluster of galaxies with VST / Abstract
(9) HUCKVALE,  Leo Initial results from the VVV difference imaging analysis pipeline
(10) IVANOV,  Valentin Search for Nearby Star with the VVV survey
(11) IVANOV,  Valentin Search for Nearby Star with the VMC survey
(12) JERJEN,  Helmut Fast Algorithms for Detection of Significant Spatial Overdensities / Abstract
(13) MATTHEWS, Daniel Reconstructing Redshift Distributions Using Cross-correlations of Spectroscopic and Photometric Surveys / Abstract
(14) MIESKE,  Steffen OmegaCAM Science Operations
(15) NOWOTNY,  Walter Data mining for reference objects to test model atmospheres of red giant stars
(16) RETZLAFF, Jörg Releasing ESO public survey data through the Phase 3 catalogue facility
(18) SAITO,  Roberto A first glimpse on the Novae studies with VVV
(19) VACCARI,  Mattia The Spitzer-Selected Multi-Wavelength Survey / Abstract
(20) ZABL, Johannes XSHOOTER follow-up spectroscopy of VISTA NB118 selected [OII] emitters

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