Hotels in Bahía Inglesa

Below you will find a list of other hotels and hostals located not much far from the conference venue. Please look at the map below to appreciate the distance, or check the Google map here.

Hotel Blanco Encalada
Av. Copiapó 514, Bahía Inglesa

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Los Jardines de Bahía Inglesa
Av. Copiapó 100, Bahía Inglesa
40 cabins for 1-11 persons (see image below)
Condominio Bahía Inglesa
Av. Copiapó 109, Bahía Inglesa
18 cabins for 5-6 persons (see image below)


These small maps show the streets of Caldera, Bahía Inglesa, and the route Caldera - Bahía Inglesa.