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Program Overview

MONDAY, 12 October (morning)
08:30 (with flexible coffee breaks)Broad-band Introductory Course on Detector Technologies James Beletic & Markus Loose
13:00Lunch Break 
MONDAY, 12 October (afternoon)

Opening (Chair: Dietrich Baade)

14:00Opening/WelcomeDietrich Baade
14:05Introduction and HistorySandro D'Odorico
Observing Facilities I (Chair: James Beletic)
14:20Thirty Meter TelescopeRebecca Bernstein
14:50Science with E-ELTRoberto Gilmozzi
15:20W.M. Keck Observatory Development Project UpdateRandy Campbell
15:40Coffee Break

Observing Facilities II (Chair: Sandro D'Odorico)

16:10Detector Projects at ESO (Infrared / Optical)Gert Finger  /  Dietrich Baade
16:30Detector News at CTIO: Observatory PlansRicardo Schmidt
16:50Detector Developments for Space Astronomy at ESADavid Lumb
17:10The James Webb Space Telescope and its Detector SystemsBernard Rauscher
17:40Modern Detectors in High-resolution Ground-based Observational Solar PhysicsManuel Collados Vera
18:10End of Session
18:30Welcome Reception at the MPI Cafeteria (new venue)
20:00End of Day 1
TUESDAY, 13 October (morning)

Detector Manufacturing I (Chair: Jean-Luc Gach)

09:00Teledyne Imaging Sensors - Producer of detectors with a dynamic range of 1 several dimensionsJames Beletic
09:30Sensor development themes at e2vPaul Jorden
10:00Overwhelmingly Large CCDs for Astronomical ApplicationsRichard Bredthauer
10:30CCD Image Sensors for AstronomyErik Bogaart
10:50Coffee Break

Detector Manufacturing II: (Chair: Randy Campbell)

11:20Large Format, Visible Through Infrared, Astronomy Arrays for Low Background Applications: Performance Data and Future Developments at RaytheonJohn Edwards
11:50Progress and Prospects of Delta-doped Back-illuminated CMOS Imagers. This talk had to be canceled but its contents was combined with the one of Shouleh Nikzad (see talk below), who presented them both.Michael Hoenk
12:10High-throughput Approach to Producing High-performance Back-illuminated Delta-doped Silicon Imaging Arrays and Other Relevant Technologies - PRESENTATION STILL TO BE PROVIDEDShouleh Nikzad
12:30Lunch Break
TUESDAY, 13 October (afternoon)

Detector Manufacturing III (Chair: Randy Campbell)

14:00Advanced Imager Technology Development at MIT Lincoln LaboratoryVyshnavi Suntharalingam
14:20Fully Depleted CCDs for SpectroscopyNathalie Roe
14:40Coffee Break andPOSTER SESSION I

Special Applications (Chair: Don Hall)

16:10Advanced Detector Technology for Improved Chemical Analysis - Ideas Borrowed (Stolen) from AstronomyBonner Denton
16:30Summary of Workshop on Detectors for Quantum-Limited ImagingDon Figer
17:00Low mass direct dark matter search with CCDsJuan Estrada
17:30End of Day 2
WEDNESDAY, 14 October (morning)

Detector Characterization and Optimization I (Chair: Satoshi Miyazaki)

09:00A Comparison of Noise Properties for 1.7 µm and 2.5 µm Cutoff HgCdTe Detectors over Nine Decades of Frequency Roger Smith
09:20Recent Performance Improvements, Calibration Techniques, and Mitigation Strategies for Large-format HgCdTe Arrays Gert Finger
09:40Count-rate Dependent Non-linearity in 1.7 micron Cut-off Near Infrared Astronomical Detectors Wolfgang Lorenzon
10:00Precision Quantum Efficiency Measurements on 1.7 Micron Near Infrared Devices for JDEM Michael Schubnell
10:20Coffee Break

Detector Characterization and Optimization II (Chair: Natalie Roe)

10:50Telescope Guiding with a HyViSi H2RG Used in Guide ModeLance Simms
11:10A Method for the Characterization of Subpixel Response of Near-infrared Detectors Tomasz Biesiadzinski
11:30Murky CCD Materials: Optical Modeling of QE, Fringing, and AbsorptionDonald Groom
11:50Bulk Silicon CCDs, Point Spread Functions, and Photon Transfer Curves: CCD Testing Activities at ESOMark Downing
12:10The Performance of the Herschel/SPIRE BolometersNguyen Hien
12:30Lunch Break
WEDNESDAY, 14 October (afternoon)

High-speed Astronomy (Chair: Don Figer)

14:00Single Photon Counting in the OpticalLothar Strüder
14:30Optimization of an EMCCDSimon Tulloch
14:50EMCCDs for Optical Spectroscopy: Everyone's a Winner? Kieran O'Brien
15:10High-speed, Photon-Counting CCD Cameras for AstronomyCraig MacKay
15:30Extreme Faint Flux Imaging with an EMCCDOlivier Daigle
15:50Coffee Break
16:20Solid-State Photon Counters for High Time Resolution Astrophysics (HTRA)Giovanni Bonanno
16:40Scientific Results at ESO with Millisecond and Nanosecond Time ResolutionAndrea Richichi

Wavefront Sensing (Chair: Gregory Tarlé)

17:00Wavefront Sensor for Adaptive OpticsMark Downing
17:30OCam and CCD220 - World's Fastest and Most Sensitive Astronomical CameraPhilippe Feautrier
17:50Low-noise IR Wavefront Sensing with a Teledyne HxRGDavid Hale
18:10End of Day 3
19:00Workshop Dinner at the Restaurant "Neuwirt" in Garching
THURSDAY, 15 October (morning)

Detector Control I (Chair: Roger Smith)

09:00Detector Data Acquisition Hardware Designs and Features of NGC (New General Detector Controller)Manfred Meyer
09:30Software for the New General Detector Controller (NGC)Claudio Cumani / Jörg Stegmeier
09:45New Detector Optimization Techniques with the STARGRASP Controller on Single-device to Large Mosaic Instruments Peter Onaka
10:05Architecture and Operations Concept for the Advanced Camera for Surveys Repair Markus Loose
10;20On-orbit Verification of the Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys RepairDavid Golimowski
10:35Coffee Break 

Detector Control II (Chair: Peter Moore)

11:05SIDECAR ASIC @ ESOReinhold Dorn
11:25Implementation of two Multi-channel ASICs for CCD Readout - ASPIC (DSI Design, LSST Camera Baseline) and CLASSIC (C&S Design)Pierre Antilogus
11:45Operation of a Cryogenic SIDECAR Readout ASIC in 32-channel and Window ModePhil Hart
12:05Low-power, Cryogenic, Radiation-tolerant ASIC-based Readout Controller for LBNL CCDs Armin Karcher
12:25Lunch Break 
THURSDAY, 15 October (afternoon)

ADPs (Chair: Gert Finger)

14:00A Zero Noise Detector for the TMTDon Figer
14:30Electron-Avalanche and Hole-Avalanche HgCdTe Photodiode Arrays for AstronomyDon Hall
15:00HgCdTe Avalanche Photodiode Arrays for Wavefront Sensing and Interferometry ApplicationsIan Baker
15:30APD Development at CEA Leti-MinatecJohan Rothman
16:00Coffee Break andPOSTER SESSION II
17:30End of Day 4
FRIDAY, 16 October (morning)

Specific Instruments (Chair: Simon Tulloch)

09:00Detector Development for SNAP Dark Energy Space Mission ConceptChristopher Bebek
09:30Focal-plane Design for the Euclid ENIS SpectrographFabio Bortoletto
09:503-D Morphology of the Ejecta from the Classical Nova V723 Cas, Observed with Keck LGSAO - OSIRISRandy Campbell
10:10In-flight Performance of the Detectors on HST/Wide Field Camera 3Randy Kimble
10:30Coffee Break 

Wide-field Imaging and Surveys (Chair: Olaf Iwert)

11:00Overview of Survey Focal Planes: Technology and Scientific ImplicationsKirk Gilmore
11:30Lessons from the First Gigapixel CameraJohn Tonry
12:00Hyper Suprime-CamSatoshi Miyazaki
12:30Orthogonal Transfer Array Detectors for the WIYN One Degree ImagerDaniel Harbeck
12:50End of Workshop 
List of Poster Papers

POSTER SESSION I - Monday 12 October through Wednesday 14 October noon

1-AEarly Results from the MODS 8k x 3k CCDsATWOOD, Bruce
2-ACalibration of the WFC3 DetectorsBAGGETT, Sylvia
3-ACCD Controller ASICs for Space and Ground - POSTER CANCELLEDBEBEK, Chris
4-AFocal Plane Arrays and Focal Plane Electronics for Large Scientific TelescopesBLANK, Richard
5-AThe PAU Camera & SurveyCASTANDER, Francisco Javier
6-AMeasurement of the Non-linearity and Interpixel Capacitance of a H2RG DetectorCERNA, Cédric
7-ANoise Performance of a H2RG Detector : 1/f noise spectrum extraction and long exposure time impact on photometryCERNA, Cédric
8-AFocal Plane Array sytems for semiconductor nanostructures optical properties researchDARSON, David
9-ACCD UV QE improvement by gas and thermal treatmentDEIRIES, Sebastian
10-ALatest Generation CMOS Hybrid Focal Planes: First Astrometric ResultsDUDIK, Rachel
11-ARecent Near Infrared Detector Testing at NOAOGEORGE, James
13-ADeveloping of Python Module to Detector CharacterisationHADDAD, Nicolas
14-AReciprocity Failure in 1.7um Cutoff HgCdTe DetectorsHILL, Robert
15-AFlyeyes: A CCD-based detector for CFHT's AO systemHO, Kevin
16-ANOAO Detector Controller Developments Using the MONSOON Paradigm - POSTER CANCELLEDHUNTEN, Mark
17-AUltrastable Operation of CCDs for High Resolution SpectrographsIWERT, Olaf
18-AThe Challenge of Highly Curved Monolithic Imaging DetectorsIWERT, Olaf
19-ANewest Imaging Detector Technolgies such as Low Light Imaging with EMCCD and Some Examples With Performance CurvesJÄGER, Andreas
21-ADevelopment of Visible Four-Color Simultaneous Imager Using Deep Depletion and Fully Depleted CCDs - POSTER NOT SUBMITTEDKINOSHITA, Daisuke

POSTER SESSION II - Wednesday 14 October noon through Friday 16 October

1-BDevelopment of an Automated System to Test and Select CCDs for the Dark Energy Survey Camera (DECam) KUBIK, Donna
2-BAstronomy with a 3-color sandwich detectorLESAGE, Anna-Lea
3-BLCOGT Detector ElectronicsLOBDILL, Rich
4-BInGaAs Focal Plane Arrays for Astronomical ApplicationsLOCHMANN, Christian
5-BA Software Simulator for IR DetectorsMÖLLER-NILSSON, Ole
6-BTorrent - Squeezing More From Less in a CCD Controller - POSTER CANCELLEDMOORE, Peter
7-BCCDs In Space: the Effects of Fadiation on Hubble's Advanced Camera for SurveysMUTCHLER, Max
9-BA Flexible 4-channel CCD Controller - Not Only For BUSCAPOSCHMANN, Henning
10-BEver Growing: Bonn ShuttersREIF, Klaus
11-BThe MUSE Detector SystemREISS, Roland
12-BESO AO Wavefront Sensor CameraREYES, Javier
14-BPMAS Upgrade with e2v CCD231ROTH, Martin [POPOW, Emil]
15-BOptimizing OTA's for ScienceSAWYER, David
17-BIntroduction on the Detector Research for WSO-UV/LSSSONG, Qian
18-BEUV and Soft X-ray Quantum Efficiency Measurements of a Thinned, Back-illuminated CMOS Active Pixel SensorSTERN, Robert
20-BDevelopment of readout electronics for Hamamatsu Fully Depleted CCDWU, Ching-Huang