Science Perspectives for 3D Spectroscopy

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Science Perspectives for 3D Spectroscopy

An ESO and Euro3D Workshop

Garching near Munich (Germany), October 10-14, 2005


A wide range of 3D instruments has been commissioned in the last few years. Some of the instruments are common user, e.g. INTEGRAL, GMOS, FLAMES, PMAS, VIMOS, SINFONI and OSIRIS and some are designed for specific astrophysical problems, e.g. SAURON. In addition to these facility instruments a number of more specialized ones have reached telescopes and are delivering data to their consortia or interested groups, e.g. CIRPASS. There is currently a wealth of new 3D instrumentation with a vast array of science beginning to flow.

It is over five years since the conference on "Imaging the Universe in Three Dimensions" (edd. van Breugel & Bland-Hawthorn, ASP Conf. Series, 195). The primary aim of this conference is the science flowing or about to flow from the crop of 3D instruments now on 8-10m telescopes. At this stage we are considering sessions in all areas of astrophysics but obviously the programme will be governed by the participants.

Science with Integral Field Spectroscopy on the Topics:

  • Solar System and Extra-Solar Planets
  • Star Formation and Resolved Stellar Populations
  • Emission Line Regions: Galactic Nebulae and Extended Emission in Galaxies
  • Centres of Galaxies: (active) Galactic Nuclei and Milky Way Galactic Centre
  • Nearby Galaxies: Kinematics and Chemistry
  • (Lensed) Distant Galaxies: Kinematics and Chemistry
  • Galaxy clusters

and including sessions on 3D instrumentation and techniques

There is room for presentations on instruments and software developments but primarily this should be a science conference.

Invited speakers include:

  • J. Allington-Smith
  • S. Arribas, STScI
  • R. Bacon, Lyon
  • J. Bland-Hawthorn, AAO
  • G. Cecil, North Carolina
  • E. Emsellem, Lyon
  • P. Ferruit, Lyon
  • R. Genzel, MPE
  • M. Roth, AIP
  • L. Wisotzki, AIP

Scientific Organising Committee

Local Organising Committee


The conference is co-sponsored by Euro3D, which is an European Union funded Research Training Network. Euro3D currently employs 10 post-docs at centres throughout Europe to work on integral field spectroscopy. However this conference is naturally open to interested scientists from around the world. The proceedings will be published by Springer in the ESO Astrophysics Symposia Series.

SOC & LOC Registration (Closed) Accommodation Programme
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