Physics of Active Galactic Nuclei at all Scales

An International Workshop jointly organized by:
ESO/Chile, FONDAP-Chile and Universidad de Chile

at ESO/Santiago Headquarters, Chile - December 3 to 6, 2003

Invited reviewers:

Omar Almaini (Institute for Astronomy, UK)
Niel Brandt (Penn State Univ, USA)
Bob Fosbury (ST-ECF, Germany)
Jack Gallimore (Bucknell University, USA)
Shardha Jogee (STScI, USA)
Chris Lidman (ESO, Chile)
Hagai Netzer (School of Phys & Astr, Israel)
Brad Peterson (Ohio State Univ, USA)
Diana Worrall (Univ of Bristol, UK)

Organizing committee: Danielle Alloin (ESO), Poshak Gandhi (ESO), Rachel Johnson (ESO),
Paulina Lira (UChile), Sebastián López (UChile), José Maza (UChile)


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