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Scientific Motivation, Roadmap for Development and Current Status

June 10 - 14, 2002

Garching, Germany

Instructions for Authors of Contributions to the Conference Proceedings

The conference proceedings will be published in the Springer-Verlag series "ESO Astrophysics Symposia".

In order to ensure a timely publication of this volume we kindly request you to note that:

All contributions are due on or before  SEPTEMBER 30, 2002

Please note that the above deadline has been defined taking into account the forthcoming summer vacation time. We will do our best to ensure that these proceedings will be published in a timely fashion to maximise the impact of your contributions. We kindly request your cooperation toward the achievement of this goal.

Page Limits

The page limits (including figures) are as follows:

  • Invited paper: 12 pages
  • Oral contributed paper: 6 pages
  • Poster paper: 2 pages

Preparing your contribution

Required files:

Contributions must be formatted with LaTeX2e using the LaTeX2e classes which are available from the ESO ftp host ( in the directory /pub/esoproceedings/latex2e.

If you wish to retrieve these files via a Web browser, you should click on the link
Please note that you need to use the browser's "Save As..." facility.

If you are not using a Web browser to obtain the files, please do the following:

  Name: anonymous
  Password: your e-mail address
  cd /pub/esoproceedings/latex2e
  mget *

The files 1readme.PDF (pdf format) and 1readme.doc (MS Word format) contain detailed instructions for authors.

The file author.tex contains a sample contribution, which can be used as a template for your own text. The files author.dvi and are the .dvi and .ps files generated by running LaTeX2e and dvips on author.tex, and the file figure.eps is a sample figure.

Naming Convention:

Suppose J.Smith is the first author. Then all filenames associated with the contribution must be called by the firstname followed by the first initial. For example, the LaTeX2e file of the contribution must be smithj.tex. The associated encapsulated postscript figures must be smithjfn.eps where n is the unique figure number.

Naturally, the file to be transferred must then be named smithj.tar.gz OR smithj.uu.

Important constraints:

  • The provided macro files must not be altered.
  • The TeX \def command is forbidden!
  • The LaTeX2e \renewcommand command is forbidden!
  • Personal LaTeX2e command definitions using \newcommand are allowed, but should be kept to an absolute minimum, and made uniquely identifiable by appending your name to the command.
  • All labels and citations using \label and \cite should be uniquely identifiable by appending your name to the definitions.
  • Figures should be provided as encapsulated PostScript files only, and should be incorporated in your contribution using the standard LaTeX2e "graphicx" package (as described in the demo file author.tex).
  • The proceedings will not contain any colour illustrations.

Submitting your contribution

When you have verified that all your figures and tables appear in the text where you want them, and that the contribution does not exceed your page limit, then you are ready to deliver your files to us.

All the files required to generate your contribution (i.e. the LaTeX2e source file and all figures in encapsulated postscript format) should be combined in a single compressed (using gzip ONLY) .tar file,  preferably in uuencoded format. We particularly recommend using the uufiles script available here  which does everything in one step (but under no guarantee for your system).

You may communicate your file to us either by email or anonymous ftp.

  • email: Please send everything in ONE email message, as an attachment, to
  • ftp: Your anonymous ftp session should proceed as follows for the file file.tar.gz:
  •   ftp
      Name: anonymous (or ftp)
      Password: your e-mail address
      cd incoming/general/voconf
      put file.tar.gz
    After ftp submission, it would be very helpful if you emailed us that the upload had been completed.

For further information about the proceedings, please contact:

European Southern Observatory
  Tel: (+49 89) 32006-448
Virtual Observatory Conference   Fax: (+49 89) 32006-480
Karl-Schwarzschild-Str. 2      
D-85748 Garching bei München, Germany   Email:

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