ESO/OSA Topical Meeting on

Astronomy with Adaptive Optics

Present Results and Future Programs

European Southern Observatory, Garching bei München, Germany

Date:  7-11 September 1998

Venue: Allgäu Stern Hotel in Sonthofen, Bavarian Alps

The announcement of the meeting in September 1998
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Oral Presentations

  1. Ageorges N., Hubin N., Redfern R.M.

  2. Atmospheric sodium column density monitoring

  3. Alloin D., Clenet Y., Granato J.-L., Lagage P.O., Marco O., Rouan D.

  4. Adaptive Optics observations to probe the dust/molecular Torus of NGC08 

  5. Beuzit J.-L.

  6. Operational and Astronomer support issues in real life AO systems


  7. Brockie R.M., Wells M., Gallant P., Aitken G.J.M.

  8. The use of predictors in the modal control of an AO system

  9. Canales V. F., Cagigal M. P.

  10. Speckle statistics in Adaptive Optics partial correction - SUBMITTED ON PAPER ONLY

    Chalabaev A., Le Coarer E., Rabou P., Mignart Y., Petmetsakis P., Le Mignan D.
    GraF Integral Field and Long slit spectroscopy with the ESO 3.6m/ADONIS/SHARP/ system

  11. Chapman S., Walker G., Morris S.

  12. The core structure of AGN: perils of adaptive optics artifacts

  13. Christou J. C., Drummond J. D & Spillar E.

  14. Binary Star Measurements with The Starfire Optical Range Adaptive Optics Systems

  15. Christou J.

  16. Deconvolution of Adaptive Optics Images - SUBMITTED ON PAPER ONLY

  17. Close L. M., Roddier F., Potter D., Roddier C., Graves J. E., Northcott M.

  18. Astronomy with adaptive optics: experiences from the University of Hawaii AO program

  19. Conan J.-M., Fusco T., Mugnier L., Kersale E., Michau V.

  20. Deconvolution of adaptive optics images with imprecise knowledge of the point spread function: results on astronomical objects

  21. Conan R., Ziad A., Avila R., Tokovin A., Martin F., Borgnino J.

  22. Spatio-temporal analysis of the wavefront with the GSM

  23. Cruzalebes P., Rabbia Y , Monnier J. D., Lopez B.

  24. Observing dust shells of late-type stars with ADONIS

  25. Currie G. D., Dorland B., Dowling D., Avizonis P., Kissell K., Shaya E., Bonaccini D.

  26. Photometric and Morphologic Accuracy with Adonis and the Eagle Nebula - NOT SUBMITTED

    Davies R. I., Hackenberg W., Ott T., Eckart A., Rabien S., Anders A., Hippler S., Kasper M.
    First observational results from ALFA with natural and laser guide stars

  27. Dessenne C., Madec P-Y, Rabaud D., Fleury B., Rousset G.

  28. First sky tests of adaptive optics predictive control

  29. Diolaiti E., Bendinelli O., Parmeggiani G. , Bonaccini D. and Rigaut F.

  30. An algorithm for crowed stellar fields analysis

  31. Duchene G., Bouvier J., Simon T., Close L., Eislöffel J.

  32. Low-mass binaries in young stellar clusters: a deep near-infrared adaptive optics survey

  33. Foy R.

  34. The Laser Guide Star TMR network of the European Union

  35. Geoffray H., Monin J.-L.

  36. ADONIS 1 to 5 µm observations of pre-Main Sequence binaries

  37. Hayano Y., Takami H., Takato N., Kanzawa T., Kamata Y., Nakashima K. and Iye M.

  38. Prototype of a sodium laser guide star system for the Subaru 8m telescope

  39. Harder S., Chelli A.

  40. Reconstruction of the point spread function from ADONIS AO measurements: limits of the method and photometric accuracy

  41. Hillman J., Glenar D. A, CHIN G., Chanover N., J., Blass W. E., Mahan S.L., Le Louarn M.

  42. Hyperspectral AO observations of solar system objects

  43. Holota W., Vdovin G., Collings N., Sodnik Z., Sesselmann R., Manhart S.

  44. The need of AO in Future Space Optical Instruments

  45. Jun Ho Lee, Yan P., Walker D. D., Bingham R. G.

  46. An Adaptive Secondary Mirror Demonstrator Static Performances - SUBMITTED ON PAPER ONLY

  47. Lagrange A.-M., Mouillet D., Beuzit J.-L., Forveille T., Ménard F., Rouan D., Arsenault R., Petitjean P., Drossart P., Perrier C., Lacombe F., Rigaut F., Conan J.-M., Rouseet G., Hubin N.

  48. Astrophysical drivers for the VLT/NAOS

  49. Lanteri H., Soummer R. , Aime C.

  50. ISRA and RL algorithms used for deconvolution of AO and HST images

  51. Le Mignant D., Marchis F., Bonaccini D., Prado P., Barrios E., Tighe R., Marco O., .0m Telescope Team

  52. The ESO ADONIS AO system: a 3 years experience in observation methods

  53. Menard F., Dougados C., Lavalley C., Cabrit S., Stapelfeldt K.

  54. Accretion Disks and Stellar Jets Arount T Tauri Stars

  55. Morossi C., Franchini M., Furlani S.

  56. Angular resolution improvement for an 8 meter class telescope via on-line sub-aperture selection

  57. Nakashima K., Takami H.

  58. Deconvolution of sub-pixeled Richardson-Lucy Algorithm

  59. O'Sullivan C., Redfern R.M., Ageorges N., Holstenberg H.-C., Hackenberg W., Rabien S., Ott T., Davies R., Eckart A.

  60. The Mesospheric Sodium Layer At Calar Alto, Spain

  61. Paresce F.

  62. Science with the AO-assisted VLT Interferometer

  63. Patriarchi P., Cacciani A.

  64. A system for the monitoring of the mesospheric sodium layer using a magneto-optical filter

  65. Potter D., Close L., Roddier F., Roddier C., Graves J.E., Northcott M.

  66. Adaptive Optics J band imaging Polarimetry Observations of the Circumbinary disk around UY Aurigae

  67. Quirrenbach A.

  68. What AO can deliver to the astronomer today and what an astronomer would like to find in the software toolbox

  69. Rabien S., Davies R., Hackenberg W., Eckart A., Ott T.

  70. Analysis Tools and Beam Relay system for the ALFA-Laser

  71. Racine R., Walker G. A.H., Nadeau D. and Doyon R.

  72. Defeating Speckle Noise In Faint Companion Imaging

  73. Rigaut F., Sarazin M.

  74. Seeing constraints in Adaptive Optics calibrations

  75. Roddier C., Roddier F., Graves J. E., Northcott M. J., Close L., Tokunaga A., Surace J., and Veran J.P.

  76. Four-year observations of T Tauri with adaptive optics

  77. Roddier F., Roddier C., Close L., Dumas C. Graves J.E., Guyon O., Han B., Northcott M. J., Owen T., Tholen D., Brahic A.

  78. Planetary science with adaptive optics: results from the UH AO systems

  79. Rouan D., Clenet Y., Lai O.

  80. Luminous IR galaxies: the acute view of Adaptive Optics

  81. Stecklum B., Hayward T.L., Hofner P.

  82. Hot dust close to the young massive star Herschel 36

  83. Theodore B., Ledoux C.

  84. AO observation of QSOS fields

  85. Tyler D.W., Stribling B.E.

  86. A wavefront-sensor driven variable geometry pupil for grond-based aperture synthesis imaging

  87. Walker G., Chapman S., Mandushev G., Racine R., Nadeau D., Doyon R., Véran J.-P.

  88. Shades of black: searching for brown dwarfs and giant planets

  89. Wiedemann G.

  90. AO for the VLT high-resolution IR spectrograph

  91. Yatsenko V., Ischenko A.

  92. Dual Measurement of Atmospheric Turbulence on the Basis of Adaptive Control of Astronomical Telescope - NOT SUBMITTED

  93. Zadrozny A., Chang M.P.J.L., Buscher D.F., Myers R.M., Doel A.P., Dunlop C.N., Sharples R.M., Arnold R.L.

First Atmospheric compensation with a linearized high-order adaptive mirror-ELECTRA

Poster presentations

  1. Beuzit J.-L., Mouillet D., Lagrange A.-M., Le Mignant D.

  2. Coronography with adaptive optics: the ADONIS coronograph

  3. Bloemhof E., Dekany R. G.

  4. Degradation of the Adaptive Optics PSF due to Non-common-path Flexure: A Simple Laser Metrology Solution

  5. Chalabaev A., D. le Mignant, Le Coarer E.

  6. GraF/ADONIS spectro-imaging of Eta Carinae 0.9" x 9" central region

  7. Dekany R.

  8. High-contrast observation potential of the Palomar Adaptive Optic System (PALAO)

  9. Delplancke F., Ageorges N., Hubin N., O’Sullivan C.

  10. LGS light pollution investigation in Calar Alto

  11. Feldt M., Stecklum B., Henning Th., Hayward T.L.

  12. Another G.89-0.9 Ultracompact Hii Region under the looking glass

  13. Friedman W. H., Cooke J.B., Danfort P.M., Erbert G.V., Feldmann M., Gavel D.T., Jenkins S.L., Jones H.E., Kanz V.K., Kuklo T., Newmann M.J., Pierce E.L., Presta R.W., Salmon J.T., Thompson G.R., Wong N.J.

  14. Performance Results On The Laser Portion Of The Keck Laser Guide Star System

  15. Geoffray H.

  16. Thermal background blurring on ADONIS system

  17. Guyon O., Roddier C., Elon Graves J., Roddier F., Cuevas S., Espejo C., Martinez A., Gonzales S., Bisiacchi G., Vuntersmeri V.

  18. The nulling coronograph

  19. Herriot G.

  20. GEMINI N. Adaptive Optics - NOT SUBMITTED

  21. Ischenko A.

  22. Modeling of Ronchi wavefront sensor - SUBMITTED ON PAPER ONLY

  23. Lai O., Rouan D., Alloin D.

  24. Adaptive Optics spectro-imaging of starburst galaxies

  25. Lai O., Wizinowich P., Acton S., Shelton C., Lefloc’h E.

  26. Pre-observing Keck Adaptive optics update

  27. Le Mignant D., Gendron E., Marchis F.

  28. The ESO ADONIS AO system: Study of the 3-5µm background emissivity

  29. Li Shu wing, Tadashi A.

  30. Laser guide star experiment at CRL - SUBMITTED ON PAPER ONLY

  31. Lloyd-Hart M., Angeli G., Angeli R. McGuire P., Rhoadarmer T. Miller S.

  32. Infrared adaptive optics system for the 6.5m MMT: System status

  33. Lukin V. P.

  34. Monostatic and bistatic schemes and optimal algorithm for tilt correction in ground-based adaptive telescopes

  35. Lukin V. P., Fortes B. V.

  36. Partial correction for turbulent distortions in telescopes

  37. Lukin V. P., Nosov E. V., Fortes B. V.

  38. The efficient outer scale of atmospheric turbulence

  39. Lukin I. P.

  40. Some considerations concerning the speckle structure of astronomical images

  41. Lyon R., Hollis J.M., Dorband J.E., Murphy T.P.

  42. Comparative Wavefront Sensing for a Space Based Segmented Aperture Telescope

  43. Ragazzoni R., Baruffolo A., Farinato J., Marchetti E., Niero T.

  44. Toward AdOpt@TNG first light - SUBMITTED ON PAPER ONLY

  45. Ryder S., Knapen J. H.

  46. Resolving Circumnuclear Star Formation in M100 with Image Stabilisation at UKIRT

  47. Shmalhausen V.I., Yaitskova N. A.

  48. Field-of-view Widening in Adaptive Optics System

  49. Takami H., Takato N., Kanzawa T., Kamata Y., Nakashima K., Iye M.

  50. Subaru daptive optics system: the system design and the current status - SUBMITTED ON PAPER ONLY

  51. Trouboul L., Bouvier J., Chalabaev A., Corporon P.

  52. First GRAF/ADONIS Spectroscopy of Herbig Ae/Be Binaries: preliminary results

  53. Vannier L., Lemaire J.-L., Rouan D., Field D., Pineau des Forets G., Gerin M., Falgarone E.

  54. AO disentangles Photodissociation Regions, Shocks and Dust in OMC1

  55. Veran J.-P., Beuzit J.-L., Chaytor D.

  56. High precision astrometry and photometry on binary stars acquired with PUEO

  57. Veran J.-P., Herriot G., Saddlemyer L., Yeung K.

  58. Improved tip-tilt correction with ALTAIR, the Gemini North AO system

  59. Voitsekhovich V., Kouznetsov D., G.Orlov V., Cuevas S.

  60. Method of random wave vectors in simulation of anisoplanatic effects

  61. Voitsekhovich V., Kouznetsov D.

  62. Simulation of cross-correlated turbulence-induced phase fluctuations produced by many stars

  63. Zhilyaev B. E., Romanyuk Y. O. and. Svyatogorov O. A.

  64. Observations of the scintillation’s correlation of two nearby stars

  65. Zhilyaev B. E., Romanyuk Y. O. and. Svyatogorov O. A.

Stroboscopic Method for Precise Ground-Based Stellar Photometry

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