Astronomy with Adaptive Optics

ESO/OSA Topical Meeting on

Astronomy with Adaptive Optics

Present Results and Future Programs

European Southern Observatory, Garching bei München, Germany
Date:  7-11 September 1998
Venue: Allgäu Stern Hotel in Sonthofen, Bavarian Alps

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The European Southern Observatory and the Optical Society of America are cosponsoring for the second time a topical meeting on Adaptive Optics. This joint meeting will address the rapidly evolving field of Astronomical Adaptive Optics. The meeting will cover the full range of topics from astronomical observational results and techniques, to foreseen breakthroughs in astrophysics due to new generation systems, from data reduction techniques, to AO system engineering and developments. It will serve as a common forum for astrophysicists and engineers, to provide for a discussion on the latest developments and advances in Astronomical Adaptive Optics, and for a fine-tuning of the instrumental requirements based on the scientific application. The meeting will be held at the Allgau Stern Hotel ,  in Sonthofen. To encourage participation of young scientist, we have kept the meeting fees to a minimum. Limited support for Ph.D. students and scientists participation will be available. Candidates should write to the Meeting Chair, and will be selected by the Program Committee. Companies which will be willing to exhibit their products and give poster papers on them are welcome to apply at no extra charge. The Proceedings with oral and poster presentations will be published in full by ESO.


Joint ESO/OSA sponsorship will provide an inter-disciplinary forum for the presentation and discussion of results in astrophysics with Adaptive Optics, and Adaptive Optics technologies for Astrophysics. We want to deliberately attract to the meeting astrophysicists as well engineers working on Adaptive Optics systems being prepared for Astronomical use. Astrophysical results obtained from existing AO systems, observational methods, post-processing and deconvolution of AO data, will be presented. Attention will be directed also to complementary results from HST observations, and proposals for future earth/space-based complementary programs. Problems, lessons learned so far with existing AO systems and their routine operation will be addressed, for a lively interaction with the engineers currently building AO systems. Experience and lessons learned with laser guide stars facilities would be presented. New theoretical results on atmospheric turbulence, AO systems simulations, servo-loop control and operation are encouraged to be presented. Presentation on new generation AO subsystem components as well as experimental results obtained with them is encouraged.

Topics to be covered

  • Astrophysical Results obtained with Adaptive optics system.
  • Real life AO systems, performances, calibration issues and observing techniques
  • What AO is able to deliver to the astronomer: simulation results and observing implications on different classes of objects.
  • Astrophysical key programs for current and future AO systems, requirements on AO or on the instruments.
  • Astrophysical key programs with single speckle, AO assisted, interferometry, requirements on AO
  • Operational experience with current AO systems, Natural Guide Star and Laser Guide Star
  • AO-HST joint astrophysical programs and results
  • Earth based AO-Space telescopes future complementary key programs
  • AO Data reduction and deconvolution techniques
  • AO servo-loop monitoring and optimization, user requirements
  • Novel devices coming up for AO, Prototypes
  • Atmospheric turbulence and AO systems theory
  • Laser Guide Stars, implementation and operation
  • Current and planned future AO systems presentation .

Dates to Remember

Date Item
 NEW : 5 August 1998 Deadline for Abstract Submissions of late papers (oral contributions) 
 NEW : 15 August 1998 Deadline for Abstract Submissions of late papers (posters only) 
15 August 1998 Deadline for Hotel Reservations
15 August 1998 Deadline for Late Registrations
7-11 September 1998 Astronomy with Adaptive Optics 1998 - Sonthofen, Bavaria, Germany 
15 October 1998 Deadline for camera-ready paper submission


Conference Sponsors

Astronomy with Adaptive Optics 1998  is sponsored by the

  • European Southern Observatory
  • Optical Society of America
  • Program Organizing Committee

    The Astronomy with Adaptive Optics 1998 Program Organizing Committee is comprised of the following members:

    Domenico Bonaccini (ESO - Chair) Masanori Iye (NAOJ)
    Jean-Luc Beuzit (CFHT)/TD> Marie-Helene Ulrich (ESO)
    Laird Close (University of Hawaii) François Roddier (Univ. of Hawaii)
    Robert Q. Fugate (Starfire Optical Range) Herb Friedman LLNL (Lowrence Livermore National Laboratory
    E. Graves (University of Hawaii) Francesco Paresce (ESO)
    Anne-Marie Lagrange (Observatoire de Grenoble) Guido Brusa (Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri)
    François Rigaut (ESO ) Andreas Quirrenbach (Univ of S.Diego)
    Eric Gendron (Observatoire de Meudon) Julian Christou (Steward Observatory/SOR)

    Local Organizing Committee

    The Local Organizing Committee includes: Domenico Bonaccini, Paola Amico, Christina Stoffer and Elena Zuffanelli.

    Contact Person for the Proceedings:

    European Southern Observatory   Tel: (+49 89) 320-06356
    Elena Zuffanelli   Fax: (+49 89) 320-2362
    Karl-Schwarzschild-Str. 2   Telex: 52828222 eo d
    D-85748 Garching bei München, Germany   Email: