Speakers Information

ESO Internal Workshop on
Forecasting AstronomicalObserving Conditions

European Southern Observatory, Garching bei München, Germany

29-30 May, 1997

ESO Council Room

Speakers Information

D. Andre Erasmus

Bibliography: The Feasibility of Forecasting Cirrus Cloud Cover and Water Vapor above Telescope Sites in Northern Chile PASP 109: 208-214, 1997 February, by A. Erasmus and R. Peterson. (Some synoptic information on water vapor circulation over the southern Pacific can be found on the H2O flow chart, Demo movies of 24-hour forecast message issued on Nov. 29 1993 at 15h UT for subsequent 3-hourly bins (170kB mpeg), 24-hour of input images on June 14-15, 1993 (480kB mpeg), and 2 weeks of input images on June 14-29, 1993 (4mB mpeg).)

Roberto Deidda, Marino Maroccu, Antonio Speranza

Feasibility study of a meteorological predition model for ESO observatories in Chile

Elena Masciadri, Jean Vernin

Bibliography: P. Bougeault, Chen De Hui, B. Fleury, J. Laurent, Investigation of seeing by means of an atmospheric mesoscale numerical simulation , Appl. Opt., 34 No:18, 3481-3488, June 1995

Andreas Lanzinger