Zenodo is "an open dependable home for the long-tail of science, enabling researchers to share and preserve any research outputs in any size, any format and from any science".

If, as an author (oral or poster) you would like us to deposit your contribution in Zenodo, please note that:

  • Depositing the pdfs at Zenodo has large advantages. Presentations will be
    • citable: Zenodo will assign DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) to all submissions
    • discoverable: we will notify ADS about the conference “collection”, and they will harvest the metadata
    • archived: Zenodo will preserve the material permanently
  • The slides will be made available under the most common CC license, meaning that everybody else is free to use the slides as long as they give proper credit to the creator (author/presenter). If you do not agree to that, please do not include your pdf.

Please make the final PDFs of your contribution(s) available. Once the set is complete, the Zenodo collection link will be sent to ADS so that they can harvest the content and make it available through their abstract service.

Step by Step Upload Guide

If you would like your contribution to be included in the BULGES 2022 conference proceedings, please upload it to Zenodo following the steps below:

  • Make sure you have access to Zenodo (either through a personal account or using your ORCID or Github ID)
  • Log into Zenodo at https://zenodo.org/deposit/new?c=bulges2022
  • Upload your contribution as follows:
    • Files:
      • drag and drop PDF of your slides or poster; click Start Upload
        (suggestion for file naming: BULGES2022_TypeOfContribution_LastName.pdf)
    • Upload type:
      • Select Poster or Presentation (required)
    • Basic information:
      • Title: Title of your presentation
      • Authors: Name, FirstName / Affiliation / ORCID (if available) of all co-authors
      • Description: Abstract of your contribution
      • License: The SOC suggests to accept the default Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence. The CC-BY license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0) allows re-distribution and re-use of a licensed work on the condition that the creator is appropriately credited.
    • For the other fields, we suggest to leave them empty or accept the default values.
    • When you are finished, click Save, then Publish at the bottom of the page.

The ESO library will accept your contribution after review, and it will become retrievable at https://zenodo.org/communities/bulges2022/

Please note that once you have granted your consent to include your presentation in the Zenodo collection by providing the required details, and after successful upload of your contribution, it will receive a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), will be indexed in the ADS Abstract Service, and shall remain available permanently. Therefore, please only upload final versions which are suitable for public distribution. In case you absolutely need to withdraw or replace your uploaded content, please contact us at bulges2022@eso.org

Please kindly upload your contribution by Friday, May 13, 2022.