Late Breaking News

26 September, 2016


The Call for Proposals contains a mistake regarding SHFI proposals. SHFI is a facility instrument and therefore it is unnecessary to contact the PI as stated. If proposers are interested in using the new  230 GHz MPIfR receiver, which is currently being commisioned they should do the following:

a) contact the instrument PI, Dr. Rolf Guesten (rguesten[AT] for prior approval;
b) apply for APEX-1 time on SHFI (by specifying APEX-1 in the 3rd bracket of the \Insconfig macro); and
c) explain in the \SpecialRemarks macro that the proposers would prefer to execute their programmes with the new receiver.
Please contact if you have any questions about this.


22 September, 2016

Updated ARTEMIS observing time calculator:

After an analysis of the first commissioning data from the 350 + 450µm ARTEMIS, bolometer camera for APEX, it was found that the preliminary V1.0 of the ARTEMIS, observing time calculator was giving unreliable results. All ARTEMIS users should use the updated LABOCA observing time calculator to calculate their P99 time requests.



8 September, 2016

LABOCA photometry mode decommissioned:

The photometry or wobbler on-off mode at APEX/LABOCA has been decommissioned and is not offered anymore for P99 and onwards. The reason is the unreliable results, especially for the very faint sources where it was intended to be used. Users interested in determining fluxes of faint and compact sources should use the mapping mode  instead. Please check the LABOCA observing time calculator.