Solar System Science with the ELT - Europe, ESO HQ Garching, Germany - June 13-15, 2022



Part II - Hybrid science part on the use of the ELTs for solar system research - June 13-15, 2022

Where to buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased from vending machines in the train stations, or from the drivers of buses. A single trip ticket is valid for three hours and only one-way. Tickets are validated by inserting them into the blue stamp machines in train stations, buses and trams. Many kinds of ticket are available, but these are our suggestions (the same ticket is valid for trains, buses and trams). For more information on the kinds of ticket that are available, please consult:

Brief overview on network/ zones


  • The "Zones 1 - 6" comprise the interconnected districts belonging to the MVV (= public transport) area
  • The "M-Zone" (see area marked in white colour in the middle on the network plan) encompasses the city centre of Munich and in part extends beyond it


  • Each stop is marked with the corresponding zone (see numbers mentioned above the stop as well at the top left-hand side on the network map)
    • Munich Airport = Zone 5
    • Closest metro station to ESO = "Garching Forschungszentrum" (U-Bahn U6) = Zone 2
    • Metro station "Garching" (U-Bahn U6) = area where most Garching hotels are located = Zone 1

Rental bike system

"MVG Rad" (= rental bike) and "MVG eRad" (= rental e-bike with electric extension)

To complement the public transport network system there is a bike rental system that can be used throughout Munich:

Conference Poster - SolSysELTs2022
Conference Poster - SolSysELTs2022

Quick links - Part I (fully virtual)

Virtual conference presenting the technical capabilities of the ELTs, their instruments and relevant ESA space missions

April 28, 2022 - one afternoon

Quick links - Part II (hybrid attendance)

Hybrid science conference on the use of the ELTs for solar system research

June 13-15, 2022 - 3 full days

Ticket Types

9-Euro-Ticket: For 9 EUR, you can travel throughout Germany on local/regional trains for a whole month in June, July or August 2022. -

Streifenkarte (stripe ticket): a convenient and cheap way is to buy a Streifenkarte (10 stripes, 14 Euro) instead of a single trip ticket, and to cancel the appropriate number of stripes depending on the route. For up to two U- or S-Bahn stations you should cancel one stripe (for example from Garching to Garching-Forschungszentrum).

The public transportation area is divided in seven concentric tariff zones with Zone M (Munich city) in the center being the main one. Every two stripes allow a basic fare for travel in Zone M or in one or two zones outside Zone M. For each additional zone outside Zone M you need to cancel one additional stripe. -

Tageskarte (day ticket): valid for the whole day. For the desired day ticket, the corresponding area of validity must be selected on the basis of the desired relations, e.g. Zone "M" for journeys in the city centreof Munich or Zone "M-5" for journeys from the airport to the city centre and for journeys within the city centre of Munich. -

Partnerstageskarte (daily ticket for a group of up to 5 people): The Group Day Ticket is valid for as many trips as you like for up to five adults, whereby any two children between 6 and 14 years of age count as one adult. The Group Day Ticket can be used by the group within the selected area of validity for as many trips as you like on one day. -

Important Connections in Munich - Garching area

Means of transport
Approximate cost

Munich Airport > Garching

Garching > Munich Airport

20 km S-Bahn S1 + Bus 690 with change in Neufahrn (40-50 min)
S-Bahn S8 + Bus 230 with change in Ismaning (40-50 min)

Single ticket - 8.50 EUR
Taxi ~ 37-45 EUR

Munich Airport > Ismaning

Ismaning > Munich Airport

20.5 km S-Bahn S8 (15 min)

Single ticket - 8.50 EUR
Taxi ~ 37-45 EUR

Munich Airport > Munich City

Munich City > Munich Airport

34 km S-Bahn S8 or S1, airport bus (50-60 min)

Single ticket - 11.90 EUR
Taxi ~ 40-60 EUR

Garching > Munich City

Munich City > Garching

15 km U-Bahn U6 (40 min)

Single ticket - 5.10 EUR
Taxi ~ 37-45 EUR

Ismaning > Garching

Garching > Ismaning

7 km Bus 230 (20 min)

Single ticket - 3.40 EUR
Taxi ~ 20-25 EUR

Garching > ESO

ESO > Garching

2 km U-Bahn U6 to Garching Forschungszentrum (5 min) plus then a 5 min walk to ESO

Single ticket - 1.70 EUR
Taxi ~10 EUR

- Airport to Garching via Neufahrn with S1 and bus 690:  Note that the 690 bus goes from Neufahrn directly to the campus and terminates at U-Bahn station Garching-Forschungszentrum, without passing through Garching. If you wish to go directly to your hotel, you would then have to take the U-Bahn for one stop, from Forschungszentrum to Garching. Or - better - go via Ismaning with S8 and bus 230 which does pass through Garching.

- Bus 230: no service on Sat/Sun*. (* The MVV provides a taxi service on the 230 route evenings and weekends, but one has to phone in advance to request it, and speak in German.)

- Bus 690: limited service on Sat., no service on Sun.