Programme Overview

All times are in Germany times, i.e. Central European Time.

Wednesday, March 03 – Chairs: C. Manara + J. Pritchard
09:00 CET C. Manara Introduction
09:05 M. Rejkuba Available instruments + Recent updates [Video]
09:20 F. Patat / D. Gadotti Applying for LPO time: science case preparation and proposal review [Video]
10:05 Coffee/Tea/Water Break  
10:30 H. Boffin
The Exposure Time Calculator + ETC demos [Video]
11:15 O. Hainaut Demo session: Preparing a MUSE proposal using the p1 tool and the ETC [Video]
11:30   Questions and answers session
12:00 End    

Please see also the slides and videos of Part I of this workshop series which was related to archive data and data reduction:

The first edition of this Workshop covering all the topics, from proposal submission, proposal preparation to data reduction took place in 2018. Please check it for additional useful information:

as well as videos about Reflex at