• Monday, 06.05.2019
  • Tuesday, 07.05.2019
  • Wednesday, 08.05.2019

Monday, 06.05.2019
08:45 Registration  
09:15 Welcome [VIDEO] Bruno Leibundgut
09:25 4MOST: Overview and instrument [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244904
Roelof de Jong
10:05 Operations [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244906
Jakob Walcher
10:35 Question/discussion time [VIDEO]  
10:50 Coffee break  
11:20 Consortium Survey 1: The Milky Way Halo Low-Resolution Survey [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244908
Clare Worley
11:50 Stellar Clusters in the 4MOST footprint [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244910
Sara Lucatello
12:10 Consortium Survey 2: The Milky Way Halo High-Resolution Survey [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244912
Chiara Battistini
12:40 Lunch  
14:00 The 4MOST view of Massive Star-Forming Complexes across the Southern Galactic Plane [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244914
Nicholas Wright
14:20 Consortium Survey 3: Milky Way Disc and Bulge Low-Resolution Survey (4MIDABLE-LR) [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244916
Ivan Minchev
14:50 A revolution in the study of young stellar clusters [VIDEO1 VIDEO2]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244918
Henri Boffin
15:10 Question/discussion time [VIDEO]  
15:40 Coffee break & group picture  
16:10 Exploiting 4MOST for an unbiased survey of young stars in the solar neighborhood [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244920
Germano Sacco
16:30 Consortium Survey 4: Milky Way Disc and Bulge High-Resolution Survey (4MIDABLE-HR) [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244922
Ross Church
17:00 The evolution of protoplanetary discs [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244928
Giacomo Beccari
17:30 Planetarium show  
18:30 Welcome Reception at Supernova  
19:30 End  
Tuesday, 07.05.2019
09:00 Application and selection process [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244930
Vincenzo Mainieri
09:30 Science Team Policies [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244932
Joe Liske
10:00 Survey Strategy [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244934
Roelof de Jong
10:30 Question/discussion time [VIDEO]  
10:50 Coffee break  
11:20 4MOST characterization of PLATO input catalog targets [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244936
Giampaolo Piotto
11:40 Consortium Survey 9: The One Thousand and One Magellanic Fields (1001MC) Survey [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244938
Maria-Rosa Cioni
12:10 Spectroscopic follow-up of hypervelocity star candidates found in Gaia 
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244940
Tommaso Marchetti
12:30 The ages of alpha-rich stars in the Milky Way disk from Gaia and 4MOST [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244942
Carme Gallart
12:50 Lunch  
14:10 4MOST Exposure Time Calculator [VIDEO
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244944
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244946
Wing-Fai Thi / Gurvan Bazin
15:00 Consortium Survey 5: eROSITA Galaxy Cluster Redshift Survey [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244948
Johan Comparat
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 4MOST Survey for Euclid Galaxy Clusters 
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244950
Hans Boehringer
16:20 Consortium Survey 6: AGN Survey [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244952
Andrea Merloni
16:50 Surmounting AGN selection biases using large volume-limited samples in the eROSITA era 
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244954
Gandhi Poshak
17:10 Question/discussion time   
17:30 End  
Wednesday, 08.05.2019
09:00 Pipelines and Data Products [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244956
Nic Walton
09:40 Joining the Science Team [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244958
Sofia Feltzing
10:00 Lessons in patience learned from the LEGA-C Public Spectroscopic Survey with VLT/VIMOS [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244960
Arjen van der Wel
10:20 A redshift survey of the intermediate sized and deep 150 square degree Stripe 82 field [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244962
Lingyu Wang
10:40 Coffee break  
11:10 4MOST follow-up of the MeerKAT Deep Extragalactic Surveys [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244964
Kenneth Duncan
11:30 Consortium Survey 7: Wide-Area VISTA Extragalactic Survey (WAVES) [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244966
Joe Liske
12:00 StePS: Stellar Populations at intermediate redshift Survey [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244968
Amata Mercurio
12:20 Question/discussion time [VIDEO]  
12:50 Lunch  
14:20 Consortium Survey 8: Cosmology Redshift Survey (CRS) [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244970
Johan Richard
14:50 The Taipan galaxy survey and prospects for a 4MOST hemispheric low-z galaxy redshift survey [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244972
Edward Taylor
15:10 Consortium Survey 10: The Time-Domain Extragalactic Survey (TiDES) [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244974
Mark Sullivan
15:40 Coffee break  
16:10 Hunting Extreme Emission Line Galaxies using KiDS [VIDEO]
DOI 10.5281/zenodo.3244976
Dominik Bomans
16:30 Wrap-up discussion [VIDEO]  
17:05 End