Local and Practical Information

Workshop venue

The workshop will be held in the new ESO Supernova Building right next to the ESO HQ buildings,  Karl-Schwarzschild-Str. 2, Garching b. München. When arriving to the ESO HQ, turn to the right-hand-side just before the ramp to the main entrance of ESO.

Within the Supernova, the workshop will take place in the meeting room  situated on the top floor of the ESO Supernova.

Please be aware that our workshop will serve as a test run of this new facility before its official opening later in April. We ask for your patience and understanding should not everything work perfectly yet. Please note that only the meeting room on the top floor will be open for our workshop, and that the other parts of the building are not yet accessible.

Please be prepared to show your Identity Card when entering the building, and please wear your name badge at any time during the workshop.


Registration will take place on Monday, 5 March, between 12h and 13h. You will be welcomed on the ground floor of the ESO Supernova building, and the registration will take place in front of the meeting room on the top floor. A lunch bag will be served there.

If you arrive before 12h on Monday, 5 March, please come to the main ESO building until the opening of the workshop.

Travelling to Garching

Garching lies about 13 km north-east of Munich and 17 km south-west of Munich international airport  (Franz Josef Strauss). Please follow these instructions to travel to Garching.

We recommend to consult the electronic time tables of the Munich tranportation network MVV, and of the German Railways.

Instructions for travelling to the workshop venue

We advise all participants to travel to the workshop venue with the underground train (U-Bahn), line U6. The U-Bahn station in Garching is centrally located and within close reach of all hotels and is indicated with a large blue "U"-sign. Take the underground train (U-Bahn) line U6, with destination "Garching Forschungszentrum" (Garching Research Campus) - this is the last stop on the line. Exit the station at the rear end of the train and follow the sign for ESO. 

For those who stay in Garching it is cheapest to buy a 10 stripes card and to stamp one stripe per journey. Each stripe card contains 10 stripes and costs 14 EUR.

For those who are accommodated in the city centre it is advisable to buy a weekly IsarCard ticket valid for 7 zones. This ticket costs 32.60 EUR and allows you to make as many journeys as desired within the workshop week.

For one return trip within the same day between Garching and Munich city centre, it is advisable to buy a daily ticket Munich XXL, which costs 8.90 Euro for one person (single daily ticket) or 16,10 Euro for up to five adults (group day ticket, you need to travel together). These tickets allow you to make as many journeys as desired within the calendar day of purchase.

Ticket machines are located at all metro stops/stations as well as at the airport.

Contact phone and fax number

Contact phone number: +49 89 320 060 (ESO Reception Desk)
Contact fax numbers: +49 89 320 23 62


We will have available a Mac and Windows laptop with standard presentation software. To smooth the switch-over from one speaker to the next we have to request that speakers send their presentations in advance to ioss@eso.org naming it with your surname and initials (e.g. GalileoG.pdf). This is the only way to load your talk on the presentation laptop before the respective session and to test it in time. If you have any complicated animations etc. please make sure all required files are included and contact us about a rehearsal during a break earlier than the one immediately before your talk. Please send us your presentation at least one session before your scheduled talk. To be on the safe side please also bring your presentation on a memory stick (pdf or ppt) and give it to any of the LOC members wearing a yellow badge well before the session in which you talk.

To see what session your presentation is in, check the program here.

Poster Papers

The poster papers will be on display in the foyer in front of the meeting room throughout the meeting. The poster panels are 120cm high and 100cm wide, allowing posters up to A0 portrait size. Pins, etc. will be available on the boards. You can find all scheduled poster presentations here. The poster boards will be numbered according to the poster paper list published on the workshop webpages. Please place your poster at the board carrying the number mentioned next to your name in this list.

We have scheduled in the main programme two slots with short (~3-4 minutes) presentations for each poster paper on Tuesday at 11:20h and Thursday at 11:20h.

N.B.: Please remember to take down your poster by 13:00 on Friday. ESO will not store workshop posters. Therefore the janitors will dispose all remaining posters after the end of the workshop.


In order to preserve a record of our meeting, and instead of compiling conference proceedings, we would like to make presentation slides and posters available through Zenodo, a CERN-developed platform for permanent storage of digital content. See here for more information.

We will use the pdf files of your presentations as uploaded to the workshop laptops, and we also ask the poster presenters to send us a pdf version of their poster. We will then send the package to Zenodo soon after the workshop.

If you do not want to make your presentation available via Zenodo, or if you would like us to use a different version from what you presented at the workshop, please contact us at ioss@eso.org. If you would like additional authors to be associated to the archived version of your presentation, please let us know at ioss@eso.org as well.

Code of Conduct

Please take note of the Code of Conduct for ESO Workshops & Conferences. LOC contact points are Lisa Loebling and Markus Wittkowski.

Internet and email

Open wireless internet is available in the Supernova and in the ESO buildings.

Social Events

PLANETARIUM SHOW and WELCOME RECEPTION (beer & pretzel) - Tuesday, 6 March, 17:30

“Reaching New Heights in Astronomy” (approx. 40 minutes)

This live planetarium show brings ESO’s facilities to you, along with the stunning scenery and wonderful dark skies of Chile.

As the world’s leading ground-based astronomy organisation, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) builds and operates some of the best telescopes in the world, enabling astronomical discoveries and the further understanding of our fascinating Universe. This show will provide an overview of the organisation, including amazing footage of the telescopes in the Atacama Desert, scientific simulations of discoveries made with these facilities, and a peek into the future as ESO builds the world’s largest optical telescope, the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT).

After the planetarium show, we will serve pretzels and beer (also nonalcoholic) and soft drinks. All workshop participants are invited to join, without additional charge.

FREE AFTERNOON with an optional Munich City Walking Tour - Wednesday, 7 March

The workshop programme includes a free afternoon on Wednesday.

We organize an optional Munich City Walking Tour on this afternoon. For more information and a google sheet to sign up, please see here.

CONFERENCE DINNER - Thursday, 8 March, 19h

The workshop dinner will take place at the restaurant Neuwirt in Garching on Thursday, 8 March, at 19h.

A welcome drink as well as the dinner including one accompanying drink are free of charge for all workshop participants. Additional drinks may be paid IN CASH on-site.

We ask participants who won't attend the workshop dinner to inform the LOC at ioss@eso.org in advance so that a realistic number of guests can be confirmed to the restaurant.

Lunches and coffee breaks

Lunches and coffee breaks are included in the conference fee. In the morning there will be bakery items (croissants etc). In the afternoons there will be biscuits. For lunch, we have lunch bags on Monday and Friday, a warm lunch on Tuesday and fingerfood on Wednesday and Friday.


Taxis can be ordered from the main ESO recepetion. To request taxi pick ups for Thursday and Friday to the airport please sign up in this Google Sheet. The sheet will then be forwarded to the ESO main reception so that the requested pick-ups can be grouped and arranged according to the preferred departure times.

Bank service

There are banks and cash-points in Garching. All main credit and debit cards are accepted (with PIN code). Please note that the banks may close during lunch time and have otherwise opening hours grossly different from shops.


Munich weather in March unfortunately tends to be cool to cold and wet. So you should come prepared for this. Daytime temperatures are anywhere between 0-10 C. For more information, see Weather Online.

Useful links

Deutsche Bahn (German Railways)
Munich public transport (MVV)
Munich Airport
Munich Tourist Office
Bayerische Staatsoper (The Munich Opera House)
Cinemas in Munich