Discs in Galaxies - Local Information


The workshop venue can be easily reached with the underground train / metro (U-Bahn), line U6. The underground / metro station in Garching is centrally located, within close reach of all hotels and indicated with a large white  "U" on a blue blackground.

Take the U6, with destination "Garching Forschungszentrum" (Garching Research Campus) - this is the last stop on the line. Exit the station at the rear end of the train, go up the stairs towards the street, straight on for about 500 meters. On your left you will find ESO with the gradual gangway to the main reception desk after entering ESO premises.  

For different public transport travel schedules you can check the public journey planner (http://www.mvv-muenchen.de/en/tickets-fares/tickets/index.html).

For participants lodging in Garching it is cheaper to buy a card with 10 strips called “Streifenkarte” and to stamp one strip per journey before entering the train or after entering a bus. One “Streifenkarte” costs 13 EUR which can be used for 10 rides within Garching. You can purchase these cards at any Ticketing Machine (Fahrkartenautomat) at the airport, inside the metro/train stations or from bus drivers if you use a bus (nos. 292 or 230) instead of the metro.

For those who are lodged in Munich City Centre it is advisable to buy a ticket for one week, valid for rings 1 - 7. This weekly ticket costs 32.70 EUR and allows you to make as many journeys as you wish during the week within the 7 rings.


The workshop is held in the New Auditorium “Eridanus”. Please walk through the ESO main entrance and follow the signs to the workshop area.


Registration at the entrance to the New Auditorium Eridanus/new cafeteria takes place on Monday July 11th, 2016, between 12:00-13:30 hrs. You will be given a name badge and some general information. 
Should you arrive later, your name badge will be left at the ESO main reception desk to be picked up.



The registration fee should have been paid by April 29th, 2016. It covers the workshop, a welcome reception, a social dinner on Wednesday, July 13th, 2016, administration services and all coffee breaks.


Open wireless internet is available in most parts of the ESO buildings. In addition, 3 laptops (1x Mac, 1x Dell with Windows, 1x Dell with Linux) and a printer will be made available in room PAVO for internet and email connections (only via WEBMAIL service). Signs with the respective account name and password will be placed in the room as well as in the workshop area (Auditorium "Eridanus"). There is also a phone installed in case you wish to call within ESO.


Mac and Windows laptops with standard presentation software will be available in the Eridanus Auditorium. In order to smooth the switchover from one speaker to the next we request that speakers bring their presentations to the workshop on a USB/Memory stick and to hand it over to any of the LOC members at the laptop station (front of the Eridanus Auditorium). This must be done at least one session prior to your scheduled session or earlier, i.e. if your talk is in the morning, your presentation should be handed over the previous afternoon at the latest. If your talk is in the afternoon, you should hand it over at the beginning of the day at the latest to test it well ahead of time. Should you have any complicated animations etc., please make sure that all required files are included and contact us about a rehearsal during the break prior to your talk. To be on the safe side, save your presentation in PDF or PPT formats. 

To see what session your presentation is in, check the program here as soon as the program has been set up: http://www.eso.org/sci/meetings/2016/xxxxx/program.html



The poster papers will be on display around the glass pillar opposite to the meeting rooms ‘Pavo’ (A.2.01) and ‘Tucana’ (A.2.02) throughout the workshop. The poster panels are 120cm high and 100cm wide, allowing posters of up to A0 portrait size. Pins and plastic sleeves for additional A4 size posters will be pinned on the boards. The poster boards are numbered according to the poster paper list published on the workshop webpage a few days prior to the workshop. Please place your poster on the board carrying the number mentioned next to your name in this list.

N.B.: We ask that you remove your posters by 13:00 on Friday, July 15th, 2016. ESO will not store posters. The janitors are charged with disposing of all remaining posters after the workshop has ended.


Monday July 11th at 18:00 in the Eridanus Foyer, ESO premises.

We will serve fingerfood and non-alcoholic beverages in the Foyer of the New Auditorium at the end of the first workshop day. All workshop participants are welcome to join.


Wednesday July 13th, 2016 at 19.00 hrs (Brunnwart, Munich Schwabing - http://brunnwart.com/page/raeumlichkeiten.php)

We ask participants who won't attend the social dinner to inform the LOC well in advance so that a realistic number of guests can be confirmed to the restaurant. Please inform us also if you wish to have a vegetarian/vegan meal; arrangements can be made accordingly. If the weather is nice, the Social Dinner will take place in the Restaurant's beer garden.

A welcome drink and one accompanying drink with your dinner are included in the invitation. Additional drinks can be ordered and paid for in cash on site by each individual.


Taxis can be ordered 20 mins. before departing from ESO. There will also be a sign-up sheet for those wanting a taxi at the end of the workshop. This list will be made available at the workshop reception desk until Thursday, 14.07.2016 at 16.00 hrs. Please enter your name if you wish for a taxi. After 16.00 hrs on that day, the list will be handed over to the main reception desk, who will group and arrange taxi transportation according to preferred departure times. You will find a sheet carrying all scheduled taxi pick-ups at the ESO main reception desk on the last day of the workshop.


Lunch will be provided on all days during the workshop.



There are banks and cash-points in Garching city. All main credit and debit cards are accepted (with PIN code). Please note that the banks may close during lunch time and have otherwise opening hours grossly different from shops.


Munich weather in July can be nice, with average temperatures around 15 - 18 C and high temperatures reaching 20 - 30 C. For more information, see Weather Online.


Deutsche Bahn (German Railways)
Munich public transport (MVV)
Munich Airport
Munich Tourist Office
Bayerische Staatsoper (The Munich Opera House)
Cinemas in Munich
Restaurants in Garching