Scientific Program

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Program (as at 10-Oct-2011)

REGISTRATION: Tuesday, 11 October, 08:45-09:25, in front of the Auditorium

Program Overview


TUESDAY, 11 October
8:45 Registration  
9:25 Opening  
Session 1: Structure of molecular clouds: Formation and properties of cores
  Chair: T. Stanke  
P. Myers
Cloud structure and star formation (invited)
10:10 P. André
From the filamentary structure of molecular clouds to the formation and properties of prestellar cores (invited)
10:50 Coffee Break
11:05 A. Hacar Dense core formation by fragmentation of velocity-coherent filaments in L1517
E. Bressert The spatial distribution of prestellar cores and YSOs in the solar neighbourhood
11:45 K. Tomida Exposed Long-lifetime First core: Star formation in very low-mass molecular cloud cores
12:05 W. Fischer Adding HOPS to the Hunter's Brew: Insights from Herschel on Star Formation in Orion
12:25 Lunch Break
Session 2: From cores to stellar systems: fragmentation, properties and multiplicity of protostars
  Chair: A. Burkert  
M. Bate From prestellar cores to stellar systems: fragmentation, properties and multiplicity of protostars - Theory (invited)
14:40 A. Boss Collapse and Fragmentation of Magnetic Molecular Cloud Cores with an AMR Code
15:00 S. Basu Brown Dwarfs from Disk Fragmentation and Ejection
15:20 D. Stamatellos The formation of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs by disc fragmentation
15:40 Coffee Break
  Chair: M. Petr-Gotzens  
16:00 B. Commerçon Early stages of low mass star formation
P. Teixeira Jeans fragmentation within the OMC1 filaments: clues to how the core mass function is assembled
16:40 M. Dunham The Low End of the Protostellar Luminosity Distribution: Very Low Mass Star Formation, Proto-Brown Dwarfs, First Hydrostatic Cores, and Episodic Mass Accretion
17:00 T. Huard The Nature and Fate of VeLLOs
17:20 Posters and Bier and Brezeln at ESO
WEDNESDAY, 12 October
  Chair: M. Petr-Gotzens  
9:00 G. Duchene From prestellar cores to stellar systems: fragmentation, properties and multiplicity of protostars - Observations (invited)
9:40 P. Almeida Finding proto-spectroscopic binaries: Precise multi-epoch radial velocities of 7 protostars in Ophiuchus
10:00 A. Kraus Multiple Star Formation to the Bottom of the IMF
10:20 R. Parker Dynamical evolution of very low mass binaries in open clusters
10:40 Coffee Break / GROUP PHOTO
Session 3: Revealing and understanding the low mass end of the stellar IMF
  Chair: I. Baraffe  
11:00 G. Chabrier The initial mass function in the low-mass regime. Connection with low-mass star and brown dwarf formation. (invited)
11:40 N. Deacon A solar neighbourhood proper motion survey with PS1+2MASS
12:00 B. Reipurth The Brown Dwarf Ejection Model 10 Years Later
12:20 Lunch Break
  Chair: F. Comerón  
14:00 K. Luhman Revealing and understanding the low mass end of the stellar IMF (invited)
14:40 P. Dawson Brown Dwarfs in Upper Scorpius: new results from 3 surveys
15:00 N. Lodieu Testing the fragmentation limit in the Upper Sco association
15:20 C. Alves de Oliveira Probing the substellar IMF in nearby star-forming regions: a WIRCam/CFHT survey
15:40 Coffee Break
16:00 K. Muzic Substellar Objects in Nearby Young Clusters (SONYC): Towards an Unbiased Census
16:20 K. Peña Ramirez The complete low-mass mass function of the young star cluster sigma Orionis
16:40 A. Bayo Spectroscopy of Very Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs in the Lambda Orionis Star Forming Region
17:00 J. Downes The very low mass star and brown dwarf population of the 25 Orionis group
19:00 Conference Dinner
THURSDAY, 13 October
Session 4: The circum(sub)stellar environment: disks, outflow and accretion processes
  Chair: G. Herczeg  
9:00 A. Natta Disks, Accretion and Outflows (invited)
9:40 L. Hartmann The circum(sub)stellar environment: disks, outflow and accretion processes (invited)
10:20 G. de Marchi Low-mass star formation in the Local Group
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 S. Mohanty Disk Masses around Low Mass Stars & Brown Dwarfs: A Bayesian Analysis
11:20 L. Testi Disk evolution and the initial steps towards planet formation
11:40 D. Jaffe What Controls the Properties of Disks Around Young Brown Dwarfs?
12:00 M. Gully-Santiago Observations of grain properties and accretion in the circum(sub)stellar disk environment
12:20 Lunch Break
  Chair: K. Luhman  
14:00 B. Riaz The radial distribution of dust species in young brown dwarf disks
14:20 T. Preibisch Lifetimes of disks around low-mass stars in extreme environments
14:40 A. Scholz T Tauri stars vs. young brown dwarfs: similarities and differences
15:00 J.M. Alcalá An X-Shooter survey of nearby star forming regions: low and sub-stellar mass objects
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 C. Manara The HST Treasury Program on the Orion Nebula Cluster: Mass Accretion Rates Estimates
16:00 V. Joergens Outflows, accretion and binaries among ChaI brown dwarfs / VLMS
16:20 M. R. Zapatero Osorio Near-infrared linear polarization of ultracool dwarfs
16:40 Posters and Bier and Brezeln at ESO
FRIDAY, 14 October
Session 5: Early evolution of very low mass stars and brown dwarfs
  Chair: P. Teixeira  
9:00 I. Baraffe Early Evolution of Very Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs (invited)
9:40 L.Spezzi Early evolution of low mass stars and brown dwarfs: an observational overview (invited)
10:20 S. Offner The Role of Episodic Accretion in Low-Mass Star Formation
10:40 S. Antoniucci POISSON project: an optical/IR spectral survey of Young Stellar Objects from different star-forming regions
11:00 Coffee Break
  Chair: L. Testi  
11:20 J. Patience Infrared spectroscopy across the brown dwarf/planet boundary
11:40 G. Wuchterl Transit Tests of Formation Theory
12:00 T. Dupuy Testing Formation with Brown Dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood
12:20 J. Bochanski FIRE Spectroscopy of the ultra-cool brown dwarf, UGPS J072227.51-054031.2
12:40 Closing Remarks
End of the meeting