Photos from the ALMA Community Days

ALMA Commissioning by Tim van Kempen
Coffee break
The ARC nodes by Martin Zwaan
The ALMA Science Portal
The ALMA Simulators by Eelco van Kampen
CASA and the Pipeline by Dirk Petry
The ALMA Observing Tool by Andy Biggs
Extragalactic astro with ALMA by Luca Cortese
Low-mass star formation with ALMA by Jaime Pineda
Finger Food at the reception
Problem-solving at the tutorials
Introduction to ALMA by Leonardo Testi
Commissioning life by Liz Humphreys
The European ARC by Paola Andreani
The proposal review process by Gautier Mathys
The Helpdesk by Suzanna Randall
The web-based sensitivity calculator by Andy Biggs
Off for lunch!
High-energy astro with ALMA by Anthony Rushton
AGB Stars with ALMA by Matthias Maercker
Solar System science with ALMA by Martin Zwaan
High-mass star formation with ALMA by Pamela Klaassen
Happy Astronomers
Practical presentation during the tutorials

All photos taken by Thomas Stanke - thanks!!!