as at 1-April-2010

Program Overview / Abstract Book (pdf)

TALKS: Auditorium
POSTERS: Room 231/232

MONDAY, 1 March - Interferometry Primer
09:00-09:30Registration (in front of the Auditorium)
Interferometry Primer Program
TUESDAY, 2 March
09:00-09:30Registration (in front of the Auditorium)
09:30-09:45WelcomeT. de Zeeuw

SESSION 1: Young stellar objects (Chair: R. Akeson)

09:50-10:30Forming solar-mass stars: an overview of Young Stellar Objects (Overview)M. Hogerheijde
10:30-11:00Disk structure and evolution (Invited)C. Dullemond
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
11:30-11:50The Pisa pre-main sequence tracks and isochronesP.G. Prada-Moroni
11:50-12:10The dynamical evolution of Sun and solar-like stars: from contraction to MSS. Turck-Chièze
12:10-14:00Lunch Break
14:00-14:30Spatially resolved investigations on YSO disk structure (Invited)S. Kraus
14:30-14:50Probing the first stages of planet formation from (sub-)mm interferometryL. Ricci
14:50-15:10The potential of VLBA obervations to make a significant and lasting contribution to the study of star formationR.M. Torres
15:10-15:30AMBER observations of circumstellar disks around Herbig AeBe starsF. Massi
15:30-15:50MIDI's view on circumstellar disks around young, solar-mass starsT. Ratzka
15:50-16:20Discussion YSO R. Akeson
16:20-18:00Coffee Break / POSTER Viewing Session (Rooms 231/232) 
18:00-19:00Welcome Reception

SESSION 2: Main sequence & Debris disks (Chair: L. Testi)

09:00-09:30Debris Disks: The Late Stages of Planetary System Formation (Invited)A. Roberge
09:30-09:50Hot dust around sun-like starsE. Di Folco
09:50-10:10Post-MS evolution of debris discsA. Bonsor
10:10-10:30The mass-radius relationship of low and very-low mass starsB.-O. Demory
10:30-10:50Zooming in the delta Velorum system using VLTI/AMBERA. Mérand
10:50-11:20Coffee Break
11:20-11:50The detection and characterzation of extrasolar planets (Invited)D. Pollacco
11:50-12:20Discussion MS & debris disksD. Pollacco
12:20-14:00Lunch Break

SESSION 3: Stellar evolution & atmospheres (Chair: M. Asplund)

14:00-14:40Quo vadis stellar evolution (Overview)F. Herwig
14:40-15:20Stellar atmospheres (Overview)B. Gustafsson
15:20-15:40Stellar surface structure and evolutionK. Strassmeier
15:40-16:00Fundamental stellar parameters and the fine structure of the Main SequenceL. Casagrande
16:00-16:30Coffee Break
16:30-17:00Atmospheric Dynamics and Winds: A Theorist's View (Invited)S. Höfner
17:00-17:20Interpretation of interferometric observations with 3D radiative hydrodynamics simulations of cool starsA. Chiavassa
17:20-17:40Interferometric observations of young and evolved starsF. Cusano
17:40-18:10Discussion evolution & atmospheresM. Asplund

SESSION 4a: RGB and AGB stars (Chair: M.-R. Cioni)

09:00-09:40Centimeter and (Sub)millimeter Wavelength Imaging of the Photospheres and Envelopes of AGB Stars (Invited)K. Menten
09:40-10:10Probing the outer atmosphere and mass loss in red giants by IR interferometry (Invited)K. Ohnaka
10:10-10:30Local red giants radii and convection prescriptionL. Piau
10:30-10:50Investigating star spots using Doppler imaging and optical interferometryH. Korhonen
10:50-11:20Coffee Break
11:20-11:40Images of Chi Cygni; a pulsation observed by interferometryS. Lacour
11:40-12:00Interferometric monitoring of evolved starsI. Karovicova
12:00-12:20A possible solution to the problem of mass loss in M-type AGB starsS. Ramstedt
12:20-14:00Lunch Break
14:00-14:20Detached shells of dust and gas around carbon AGB starsM. Maercker
14:20-14:40Mining the PTI-archive: uncovering the pulsating photospheres of MirasM. Hillen
14:40-15:00C-rich stars: Atmospheric models vs. spectro-interferometric observationsC. Paladini
15:00-15:20Observing and modeling the dynamic atmosphere of the C-star R Sculptoris at High Angular ResolutionS. Sacuto
15:20-15:50Discussion RGB/AGB starsM.-R. Cioni
15:50-16:20Coffee Break

SESSION 4b: post-AGB stars and PNe (Chair: C. Waelkens)

16:20-17:00The formation and evolution of a planetary nebula (Overview)A. Zijlstra
17:00-17:30Optical Interferometry observations of the latest stages of solar-like stars (Invited)O. Chesneau
17:30-17:50Resolving evolved star mass lossA. Richards
18:30Workshop Dinner
FRIDAY, 5 March

SESSION 4b: post-AGB stars and PNe (Chair: C. Waelkens) continued

09:00-09:30Compact discs and their link to binarity in our Galaxy and the LMC (Invited)H. van Winckel
09:30-09:50Magnetic fields of AGB and post-AGB starsW. Vlemmings
09:50-10:10The magnetic field of the evolved star W43AE. Amiri
10:10-10:40Discussion post-AGBC. Waelkens
10:40-11:10Coffee Break

SESSION 5: Instruments (Chair: G. van Belle)

11:10-11:40Observational opportunities with the VLTIA. Richichi
11:40-12:10Prospects with ALMA for solar mass starsL. Testi
12:10-13:00Panel Discussion and Summary 
13:00End of workshop 
P-2/S-1Herbig Ae disks in the interferometric era: connecting the mid-IR and sub-mm regionsE. Di Folco
P-3/S-1Testing stellar models against binary stars: a Bayesian approach. Application to the PISA pre-MS models.M. Gennaro
P-4/S-1High-mass star formation and dynamics in Orion BN/KLC. Goddi
P-5/S-1Constraining variations of dust properties in circumstellar disks with mm observationsF. Trotta
P-7/S-1AKARI results on the Taurus Auriga star forming regionS. Zahorecz
P-8/S-2Search for the best solar twin in the Geneva Copenhagen SurveyJ. Datson
P-9/S-2Reconstruction of the 3D Magnetic Topology of Active Regions using 2D magnetogramsA. Pasqua
P-10/S-3Lithium-7 depletion in young open clusters: theoretical models vs observationsE. Tognelli
P-12/S-4Limits for one-dimensional stellar evolution: C12-proton combustion in post-AGB stars and at very low metallicityF. Herwig
P-13/S-4Towards 3D simulations of dust-driven winds of AGB starsS. Höfner
P-14/S-4Warm molecular layers in cool giants and equilibrium chemistryJ. Hron
P-15/S-4Dusty disks around evolved starsF. Lykou
P-16/S-4IM Peg: An interferometry target?S. Marsden
P-17/S-4Mass loss in Post-AGB starsA. Ruiz Velasco
P-18/S-4Cool carbon star TX Piscium observed with AMBER ESO VLTII. Spaleniak
P-19/S-4Coordinated studies of AGB stars with the VLBA and the VLTIM. Wittkowski
P-20/S-4Structure and shaping processes of the extended atmosphere of AGB starsM. Wittkowski
P-21/S-4What can Interferometry tells us about the AGB Star W Hya?R. Zhao-Geisler
P-23/S-5Problems of the AMBER wavelength calibrationS. Stefl