Preliminary Program

as at 15-July-2010

The links in bold face contain the presentation. Links not in bold face contain still the abstract.


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Program Overview

TUESDAY, 22 June
12:00 14:00 Registration (in front of the Auditorium)
14:00 14:10 Welcome
Galactic Center – Chair: David Merritt
14:10 14:40 Stefan Gillessen A unique laboratory: The Massive Black Hole in the Galactic Center
14:40 15:10 Rainer Schödel A specimen under the microscope: the Milky Way NSC
15:10 15:30 Andreas Eckart Interactions between the SMBH SgrA* and its environment
15:30 15:50 Stefan Harfst The Past and the Future of the Arches Cluster
15:50 15:55 Renzo Capelli The breath of the Arches Cluster and its impact on nearby Molecular Clouds
15:55 16:00 Tobias Fritz GC-IRS13E - A puzzling association of three early-type stars
16:00 16:40   Coffee
16:40 17:10 Alessia Gualandris Young stars and intermediate-mass black holes in the Galactic Center
17:30 17:50 Holger Baumgardt The mass function of stars in the galactic center
17:50 18:10 Melvyn Davies The Effects of Stellar Encounters in the Galactic Centre
18:10 18:30 Bence Kocsis Resonant relaxation and the warp of the stellar disk in the Galactic Center
18:30 20:00   Welcome Reception

Black Holes – Chair: Elena Gallo
09:00 09:30 Jens Thomas Dynamical black-hole masses from SINFONI observations
09:30 10:00 Jenny Greene Intermediate mass black holes at the centers of galaxies
10:00 10:20 Mousumi Das Nuclear Activity and the Black Hole Masses in Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
10:20 10:40 Linda Strubbe The Tidal Disruption of Stars as a Probe of Galactic Nuclei
10:40 11:20   Coffee
Nuclear Clusters – Chair: Rainer Schödel
11:20 11:50 Jakob Walcher Nuclear star cluster observations
11:50 12:10 Alister Graham Quantifying the Coexistence of Massive Black Holes and Dense Nuclear Star Clusters
12:10 12:30 Anil Seth / Nadine Neumayer Nuclear Star Clusters and Black Holes
12:30 12:35 Aaron Barth Properties of the nuclear star cluster in NGC 4395
12:35 12:40 Joseph Shields X-ray Properties of Star Clusters in NGC 2139
12:40 12:45 Tiago Ricci The LINER NGC 7097: the AGN and its mirror
12:45 14:00   Lunch
Galaxy Nuclei – Chair: Jenny Greene
14:00 14:30 Laura Ferrarese The Core (and Global) Structure of Galaxies from the ACSVCS and the NGVS
14:30 15:00 David Merritt Dynamics of Nuclear Star Clusters
15:00 15:30 Norman Murray AGN fueling: massive star cluster formation in dense environments
15:30 15:40   WORKSHOP PICTURE:full size / medium / small
15:40 16:20   Coffee
Galaxy Nuclei – Chair: Jakob Walcher
16:20 16:40 Mariya Lyubenova Stellar population properties of nuclei in early-type galaxies
16:40 17:00 Michael Hilker Black holes in ultra-compact dwarf galaxies?
17:20 17:40 Elena Gallo Super-massive black holes in the nearby Universe: Evidence for down-sizing

Feeding, Star Formation and Feedback – Chair: Norman Murray
09:00 09:30 Richard Davies Nuclear Star Formation, the Torus, and Gas Inflow in Seyfert Galaxies
09:30 09:50 Witold Maciejewski Nuclear spirals as a mechanism of gas inflow to innermost parsecs
09:50 10:10 Tessel van der Laan Taking the first step: bringing gas to the central regions of galaxies
10:10 10:40 Chris Power AGN feeding and feedback: ideas and simulations
10:40 11:20   Coffee
Feeding, Star Formation and Feedback – Chair: Richard Davies
11:20 11:40 Francisco Müller-Sànchez Impact of ionized gas outflows on the evolution of Seyfert galaxies
11:40 12:00 Marc Schartmann Evolution from nuclear starbursts to disks and tori in Active Galactic Nuclei
12:00 12:20 Nozomu Kawakatu What determines AGN activity?: Importance of circumnuclear disk
12:20 12:25 Vincenzo Antonuccio-Delogu The self-feeding AGN
12:25 12:30 Gaelle Dumas Cold molecular gas in the central kpc of NGC4151
12:30 12:35 João Steiner Stellar archeology of the LINER type 1 nucleus in NGC 4736
12:35 12:40 Rainer Beck Magnetic Fields and Mass Inflow in Circumnuclear Starbursts
12:40 14:00   Lunch
Nuclear Cluster - Globular Cluster Connection – Chair: Anil Seth
14:00 14:30 Michele Bellazzini Sagittarius dSph: the nearest nucleated galaxy
14:30 14:50 Enrico Vesperini Multiple Stellar Populations in Globular Clusters
14:50 15:10 Markus Hartmann Structural and Kinematic Constraints on the Formation of Nuclear Clusters
15:10 15:15 Michiko Fujii Evolution of star clusters including IMBHs and their feeding to the SMBH
15:15 16:00   Coffee
IMBHs in Globular Clusters – Chair: Alessia Gualandris
16:00 16:30 Simon Portegies Zwart The formation of intermediate mass black holes in dense star clusters
16:30 16:50 Michele Trenti Fingerprints of Intermediate Mass Black Holes in Globular Clusters
16:50 17:10 Stefan Umbreit Intermediate Mass Black Holes in Globular Clusters
17:10 17:30 Behrang Jalali Intermediate Mass Black Holes in Star Clusters
17:30 17:35 Giacomo Beccari The dynamical state of the globular cluster M10
17:35 17:40 Nora Lützgendorf Does the globular cluster NGC 6388 host an intermediate mass black hole?
17:40 18:10 Karl Gebhardt Accuracy of Central Black Hole Masses from the Smallest to the Largest

FRIDAY, 25 June
Formation of Black Holes/Nuclear Clusters – Chair: Aaron Barth
09:00 09:20 Bernadetta Devecchi Formation of supermassive black hole seeds in high redshift nuclear clusters
09:20 09:40 Matsui Hidenori Formation of Hypermassive Star Clusters and Mass Supply to Galactic Center in Merging Galaxies
09:40 10:00 Dominik Schleicher The formation of seed black holes in the cosmic dark ages
10:00 10:20 Roderik Overzier Central Massive Objects at Low and High Redshift: Downsizing in Galaxies prior to their Epoch of Dry Merging
10:20 10:40 Sandor van Wassenhove Massive black holes Lurking in Milky Way satellites
10:40 10:45 Silvia Bonoli Growing black holes: a comparison between semianalytical models and hydro simulations
10:45 11:15   Coffee
Scaling Relations – Chair: Nadine Neumayer
11:15 11:35 Peter Erwin Contrasting the Host-Galaxy Correlations of Nuclear Star Clusters and Supermassive Black Holes
11:35 11:55 Eleonora Sani The Spitzer/IRAC look at the black hole mass - bulge properties relations
11:55 12:00 Andreas Burkert A correlation between central supermassive black holes and the globular cluster systems of early-type galaxies
12:00 12:05 Dimitri Gadotti The host galaxy/black hole relations in bulges and ellipticals with dynamically measured black hole masses
12:05 12:10 Jian Hu The black hole mass--bulge mass correlation: classical bulges versus pseudobulges
12:10 12:15 Enrico-Maria Corsini On the validity of the MBH-sigma relation
12:15 13:00 Ortwin Gerhard SUMMARY and DISCUSSION
13:00 14:30   Lunch
      End of Workshop