(as at March 6, 2009)

Monday, March 9

09:00WelcomeJ. Melnick

Extragalactic Surveys

09:05Review: Large Cosmological SurveysJ. Miralda-Escude
09:40Extragalactic Surveys with VST and VISTAK. Kuijken
10:00DESR. Nichol
10:20PAUE. Gaztanaga
10:40BOSSW. Percival
11:00Coffee Break 
11:20Spectroscopic surveys from spaceA. Cimatti
11:40zCOSMOSS. Lilly
12:00VIPERSL. Guzzo
12:20Limitations and needs of current spectroscopic redshift surveysA. Renzini
12:40Future ESO Galaxy surveysT. Shanks
13:00Lunch Break 
14:15Next generation deep and ultra-deep galaxy redshift surveysO. Le Fevre
14:30Future high-multiplex spectroscopy needs for resolved stellar populations in dwarf galaxies as revealed by the large program DARTG. Battaglia
14:45Galaxy and Mass assemblyJ. Liske
15:00Spectral requirements for a wide area XMM cosmology surveyM. Pierre
15:15Spectroscopic follow-up of high-z dusty galaxies discovered by ALMAE. van Kampen
15:30Colour and luminosity-dependence of galaxy clustering to faint luminosities J. Loveday
15.45The power of the multiplex and tilted slit of VIMOS to derive kinematicsL. Tresse
16:00Coffee Break 

Future projects for extragalactic science

16:20LSST and EuropeR. McMahon
16:40WFMOSR. Nichol
17:00A 5 sqdeg spectrograph at an 8m telescope: how and why (LBT/VLT)
Also available: Animation of the spectrograph layout (QT,  6.2 Mb)
A. Fontana
18:15Welcome reception at ESO  


Tuesday, March 10

09:00Welcome 2J. Melnick

Galactic Surveys

09:05ESO/ESA Working Group recommendations for Galactic SurveysA. Helmi
09:40Galactic Surveys with VST and VISTAJ. Drew
10:00Unraveling the Structure and Kinematics of the Milky Way with RAVEM. Steinmetz
10:20LAMOSTY. Zhao
10:40The GAIA spectrograph: synergies with future large multiplex instrumentsD. Katz
11:00Coffee Break 
11:30Multi-object spectroscopy as a compelement for GAIAA. Recio-Blanco
11:50The Galactic-Bulge Survey: categorizing the plethora of faint X-ray sourcesP. Jonker
12:10VMC - The VISTA survey of the Magellanic SystemM.R. Cioni
12:30Determining AGB mass loss histories form Planetary Nebulae: hexabundle MOS of Magellanic Cloud PNeM. Roth
12:45RAVE: important insights to be used for planning of the next generation multiple object spectrographsT. Zwitter
13:00Lunch Break  

Plans for the future


Proposed VMOS upgrades:

F. Selman




Proposed FLAMES upgrades:


J. Bland-Hawthorn

F. Roques
M. Lehnert

15:50A very versatile, large A-Omega, fiber-fed spectrograph designI. Parry
16:10Coffee Break  
16:30Conference Summary: Scientific requirements for European high-multiplex spectroscopic facilitiesY. Mellier
18:00End of Conference