The proceedings of this workshop will be published in the Springer-Verlag series "ESO Astrophysics Symposia".

Manuscript Deadline

Deadline for manuscript submissions is April 1st, 2007

Instructions for Authors

Obtaining the LaTeX macros:

Contributions must be formatted with LaTeX using the macro package which is available from the ESO ftp host at:

You may download either eso-proc.tar.gz or Each of these files, when expanded, generates a directory called eso-proc which contains the Springer-Verlag Latex macro package for authors.

If you are not using a Web browser to obtain the files, please do the following:

  Name: anonymous
  Password: your e-mail address
  cd pub/esoproceedings/
  get eso-proc.tar.gz
  -- or --


Preparing your contribution

When you have unpacked the macro package files, please read first the file "readme.txt" in the directory "eso-proc".

In the subdirectory "templates", the file author.tex contains a sample contribution, which can be used as a template for your own text.

Figures must be provided as PostScript (or Encapsulated PostScript, .eps) files and should be incorporated in your contribution using the standard Latex2e "graphicx" package as shown in the demo file author.tex.

Please use the following naming convention for your files: The Latex file of your text should be called myname.tex, where "myname" (all in lower-case) is the family name of the first author. Any figures should be named "" (or .eps), "" etc, for figure 1, figure 2a, etc.

Note on abstracts:

The template file does not contain an example of an abstract; however, the editors would like to have abstracts in the contributions. To achieve this, please insert the following in your Latex file:

Text of your abstract....

This should be inserted after the title block, i.e. after \maketitle, and before the first \section.

Abstracts are not required for the poster contributions since these papers are limited to 4 pages (though a short abstract may be included if desired).

Please note the following important constraints:

  • DO NOT change the macros, and DO NOT use \def or \renewcommand, as this can have unpredictable effects on other contributions when all the files are compiled together to produce the final manuscript.
  • Personal LaTeX2e command definitions with \newcommand should be avoided if possible. If you do use them, please keep them to an absolute minimum, and make them uniquely identifiable by appending (part of) your name to the command.
  • If you use \label{...} and \bibitem{...}, make your labels unique by preceding them with (part of) your name, followed by a colon (:). Example for an author called Smith: \label{smi:fig1}

Page limits

The page limits have been defined as follows:

Overview talks:   up to 10 pages
Invited talks:   up to 10 pages
Contributed talks:   up to 6 pages
Posters:   up to 4 pages

Please try to observe these limits. It is anticipated that some editorial overview will be exercised and authors may be requested to make changes to their papers.

Colour illustrations

Due to the high cost of printing colour plates, only a very limited number of colour illustrations will be accepted, and only if a strong justification is provided.

Submitting your contribution

Please submit the LaTeX source file of your contribution, and .ps or .eps files of any figures, via ftp to

If your webbrowser does not support ftp uploads pleasedo the following:

  Name: anonymous
  Password: your e-mail address
  cd incoming/general/cal07/
  put your file


For your file please use the naming convention explained above. Finally, let us know that the files are there, by sending a short message to

Note: Files that are placed in this directory on the ESO ftp server are not visible to external users for security reasons. This may cause difficulties, particularly for Windows users. However, if the instructions above are followed, the file transfer should work.