Hotels in Vitacura

There is also public transportation: you may take buses along Vitacura street and get off in Alonso de Cordova and then walk 10-min to the ESO premises.



The Providencia district is another nice area with good hotels. There is easy access via public transport to Alonso de Cordova with Vitacura avenue.

Panamericana Hotel
Francisco Noguera 146, Providencia
Hotel Diego de Velazquez
Guardia Vieja 150, Providencia
Hotel Presidente
Eleodoro Yanez 867, Providencia
Sheraton Four Points Hotel
Santa Magdalena 111, Providencia
Hotel Bonaparte
Mar del Plata 2171, Providencia
Cambiaso Apart Hotel
Pedro de Valdivia 150 (interior) piso 14 ,of 1422, Providencia
Eurotel Hotel
Guardia Vieja 285, Providencia
Lyon Hotel
Ricardo Lyon 1525, Providencia
La Fayette Suites Providencia
11 de Septiembre 2040, Providencia
Orly Hotel
Pedro de Valdivia 027, Providencia
Santiago Park Plaza Hotel
Ricardo Lyon 207, Providencia
Hotel Alcala del Rio
Padre Mariano 331, Providencia
Posada del Salvador
Eleodoro Yanez 893, Providencia
Vilafranca Bed and Breakfast
Perez Valenzuela 1650, Providencia


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Other economic hostals:
Tatas's Bed and Breakfast in Vitacura: The map shows the location of the hostal and our office. You should take a bus towards downtown and get off in Alonso de Cordova avenue, and walk until where the 'yellow hand' shows (half a block further).
Casa de Hospedaje de Marilu (Marilu's BB): This one is in Providencia, a district close to Vitacura. You should walk until Providencia avenue and then take a bus to Vitacura. Otherwise, you can take the subway and go off in Tobalaba station, locate Vitacura avenue and take a bus.
HomeStudio HEPP: This one is close to Vitacura Avenue from where you can take a bus towards Alonso de Cordova Av.