Local and Practical Information

Local and Practical Information

Workshop Venue


The workshop will be held in the neuer Seminarraum of the Max-Planck-Institut für
extraterrestrische Physik (see map).


Contact Phone Number


(+49) 89 3200 60 (ESO Reception Desk)


Contact Fax Number


(+49) 89 3200 6480




Registration will take place from 8:15 onwards on Monday, April 4th, and on Wednesday,
April 6th, at the MPE entrance. The registration fee of 150 € is payable at the
registration desk in cash (€) or by credit card.
For payment by credit card, please fill in the form and fax it to the organisers at the secure
fax number (+49) 89 320 23 62 (note that this is different from the number given above)
or bring it to the registration desk.

The registration fee includes a copy of the workshop proceedings, the welcome reception,
bus transfers between the hotels and ESO, and coffee and tea breaks. It does not include
the costs of meals and the conference dinner.

The number of participants to the workshop will be limited to 200.

The cost of the conference dinner is 30 € and is payable together with the registration fee.
Please indicate in the registration form if you would like to participate to the dinner.


Welcome Reception
Conference Dinner


A welcome reception will be held at ESO on Monday evening, April 4th, after the last session.

A conference dinner in a good, typical, bavarian restaurant, Osterwaldgarten, of Munich will be
organised on Wednesday night, April 6th.




The poster papers will be on display in the poster room (room 114) at ESO Headquarters
for the entire duration of the workshop. The display area available per poster is around
100 x 100 cm.


Internet and e-mail


Internet and email connection (only via a WEBMAIL service at the home institution) will
be available in the room 232 of ESO. The username and password to be used will be indicated
in the "Note to Participants" document in the folder which the participants will receive at


Workshop Proceedings


The Workshop Proceedings will be edited by F. Paresce and A. Richichi. They will be
published in the Springer-Verlag series "ESO Astrophysics Symposia". The deadline
for submission of manuscripts will be roughly one month after the meeting.


Geographical Location


Munich is located in southern Germany. The ESO Headquarters are situated on the
institute campus just north of the town of Garching, which is itself about 20 km north of
Munich offers excellent public transport. Garching can be reached by bus in combination
with U-Bahn (underground) or S-Bahn (commuter train).


How to get to ESO


The international airport of Munich (München) is located some 20 km north of Garching.
From the airport, you
can choose between the S-Bahn+Bus or taxi to go to your hotel. A taxi (recommended) to
a hotel in Garching will cost you approx 30 €.

If you arrive by train at the Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof), you can reach Garching
by taking the S-Bahn to Marienplatz, then U-Bahn U6 to Garching-Hochbrück, then bus 291
to Garching. Ismaning has a direct S-Bahn connection (S8) from the airport and the

Travel instructions can be found on the ESO Travel and Local Informationpages. See the
section "Public Transport" below for more information.

Bus Transfer to the Workshop


In the mornings and in the evenings of the workshop, there will be a bus transfer service
between the hotels and ESO. Click here to get the bus schedule. Participants who do not
want to use the workshop transfer bus can still use public transportation and the timetables
will be available at the workshop secretariat.


Public Transport


See the Overview Table for an indicative summary, with some caveats, of public transport
possibilities between the airport, Garching, ESO, Ismaning and Munich city centre.
We recommend to consult the electronic time tables of the Munich tranportation network
, and of the German Railways.




The closest canteen (1 minutes walk from workshop venue) is the canteen of the Max-Planck Institute
(see map). The opening hours are:
Dining hall: Mo.-Th. 11:15 - 13:45 ; Fr. 11:15 - 13:30
Cafeteria: Mo.-Th. 8:30 - 11:00 and 11:30 - 16:30 ; Fr. 8:30 - 11:00 and 11:30 - 14:00.
Only cash is acceppted. Prices for a main course range from about 4 to 6 Euros.




In order to go from ESO to the Max-Planck-Institute it is necessary to pass a security check
at the gate on entering the Max-Planck-Institute area. The Workshop name badge together
with an identity card / passport has to be shown to allow access.


Bank service


There are banks and cash-points in Garching. All main credit and debit cards are accepted
(with PIN code).
Please note that the banks may close during lunch time and have otherwise opening hours
grossly different from shops.




Munich weather in April can be sunny but is generally cold. Rain or even snow showers
are common. Daytime temperatures are typically in the range 0-15 C. For more information,
see WeatherOnline.


Useful links


Deutsche Bahn (German Railways)
Munich public transport (MVV)
Munich Airport
Munich Tourist Office
Bayerische Staatsoper (The Munich Opera House)
Restaurants in Garching