24 September 2004


European Southern Observatory, Garching bei M�nchen, Germany

In conjuction with Radio Net, an ALMA Community Day meeting will be held on Friday, 24 September 2004 in the ESO Auditorium, Garching, from 08:30 to 16:30 hrs.

Topics to be covered

The goal is to keep the European community informed about ALMA progress since the last such meeting in November 2002. There will be a report on the project status, and additional reports on other ALMA activities such as the status of software, the plans for early science, the operations plan and planning for ALMA regional centers. There will also be a sample of exiciting recent scientific results relevant to ALMA and the opportunities afforded by ALMA in its Early Science phase.

There is a small amount of time for a limited number of 10 minute talks about new instrumentation or science projects in preparation of ALMA. Please send title and short description to A committee from the European Science Advisory Committee will make selections.

Confirmed invited speakers are C. Cesarsky (ESO), M. Tarenghi ( JAO), D. Bockelee-Morvan (Paris Obs. Meudon), W. Holland (ATC/ROE), R. Laing (ESO), D. Silva (ESO), L. Tacconi (MPE-Garching), L. Testi (Obs. of Arcetri), F. Walter (MPIA-Heidelberg), D. Wilner (CfA), and T. L. Wilson (ESO).


Deadline for registration is 1 July 2004. There is no registration fee.Please check the preliminary list of Registered Attendees.

There is a small amount of money for travel support. If such support is needed please send a message to specifying "travel support" in the subject. A selection will be made on basis of need and other factors.

The information contained in these web pages is regularly updated. Please check the date of the last update at the bottom of this page. In case you have a question, please contact:

The following list provides links to pages containing more detailed information about registration, accommodation, and the workshop program:

  • Read the Final Program
  • Retrieve the Registration Form
  • Retrieve the Accommodation Form
  • Registration status, 23rd August

Since the meeting is held shortly before Oktoberfest in Munich, hotel rooms will be in short supply. Thus, please make an early decision about attending the meeting and book the hotel room early! ESO has reserved some hotel rooms for Thursday night, 23rd through 24th September, but not for the weekend.

In mid-July we will inform you about your hotel reservation and what the cost will be. All hotels we arrange for you are in Garching and surroundings, and are within walking distance of each other. On the day of the workshop, a bus will be available to transfer you from the Maibaum (in the center of Garching) to and from ESO Headquarters. There is easy access to downtown Munich by bus and U-bahn.

General information concerning Garching and ESO, can be retrieved following the link Travel and local information.

Weather in September

To get a feel for this, you might like to check the weather conditions around Munich during the week before the workshop. In any case, it would be prudent to come prepared for a range of temperatures, and for the possibility of rainy weather.

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