Large Programmes and Public Surveys


ESO Workshop on


Large Programmes and Public Surveys

Garching, Germany, 19 - 21 May 2003

An evaluation of the scientific success of the first completed Large Programmes at the VLT and public surveys should take place before the survey telescopes VST and VISTA start operating. To assess the scientific return of the Large Programmes ESO is organising a three-day workshop in Garching.


In 1996, at the request of the OPC, a working group was formed to discuss the future of 'Key Programmes' in the era of the VLT. The description of Large Programmes in the Call for Proposals reflects the recommendations by the working group.

The working group further suggested that 'at about the time of the start of operations of UT-3 the definition of the Large Programmes and its implementations should be reconsidered'.

VST operations are planned to start in 2004, and a major fraction of the time at this telescope, and later on VISTA, shall be dedicated to surveys. The workshop will address the issue of how best to deal with surveys for these telescopes.

Reason for the Workshop

ESO feels it is time to evaluate the scientific success of the first completed Large Programmes at the VLT. Since surveys in effect are Large Programmes (and many of them have been implemented as such at ESO), the relation of surveys to other forms of observational programmes should be discussed as well. This should provide an overview of the scientific return and a chance to re-assess the validity of the Large Programmes.

All Large Programmes that are either completed or near completion shall present their scientific results and the impact the project had in its field.

With the VST and VISTA on the horizon, a discussion of Public Surveys at ESO is indicated as well. A special session will be devoted to discussing the handling of surveys at ESO in the future.

Scientific Organising Committee

John Black, Gothenburg
Catherine Cesarsky, ESO
Gerry Gilmore, Cambridge
Joachim Krautter, Heidelberg
Andy Lawrence, Edinburgh
Bruno Leibundgut, ESO
Simon Lilly, Zurich
Jean-Loup Puget, Paris
Alvio Renzini, ESO
Christoffel Waelkens, Leuven
Stefan Wagner, Heidelberg


Presentations will be by invitation only.

The workshop will start with a presentation of every Large Programme up to Period 69. A discussion session to assess the effectiveness of the Large Programme concept is planned to follow. The extant surveys at ESO will be presented and schemes for efficient use of the survey telescopes evaluated in a separate discussion session.


Participants are asked to register for the workshop using the online form.

Deadline for the registration is 1 April, 2003.

Please be aware that the number of participants is limited due to space restrictions.


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