ESO-ESA Meeting on a Coordinated Approach to Astronomy, Cosmology and Fundamental Physics



For ESA:

 P.J. Cargill       (Solar System Working Group, SSWG)

C. Turon           (Astronomy Working Group, AWG)

S. Vitale           (Fundamental Physics Advisory Group, FPAG)

M. Grewing      (Space Science Advisory Committee, SSAC)

R. Pellinen        (Chair of the SPC)

 G. Cavallo, M. Coradini, A. Gimenez, and S. Volonté (ESA Executive)


 For ESO:

 R. Bender           (ESO Council)

J.L. Puget           (Science and Technology Committee, STC)

R.  Genzel          (VLTI Implementation Committee, VLTI-IC)

E. van Dishoeck  (ALMA European Science Advisory Committee, AESAC) 

C. Cesarsky, P. Quinn, A.  Renzini, and P. Shaver (ESO Executive)


 For ST-ECF:

 R. Fosbury (ST-ECF Executive)