Extragalactic Globular Cluster Systems

Extragalactic Globular Cluster Systems

An ESO Workshop


Garching near Munich (Germany), August 27-30, 2002

Globular clusters are very good tracers of the major star-formation episodes of galaxies, including extreme conditions such as star-burst in violent event. The study of these systems allows us to learn not only about the formation of the globular clusters and their systems, but also about the formation and evolution of galaxies.
After the meeting in Pucon early 2001, we consider it timely to gather again and exchange our ideas and interpretations of the new results. The goal of this workshop is to connect the globular cluster formation with the globular cluster system assembly histories and relate both to the assembly and star-formation histories of the host galaxies.
The format of a workshop focussed on globular cluster systems with a large amount of time dedicated to discussion seems optimally suited.

The Topics that we intend to address are the following:

  • Globular cluster formation
  • Young clusters in mergers
  • Evolution and assembly of globular cluster systems
  • Kinematics of globular cluster systems
  • General properties of globular cluster systems in elliptical/spiral/dwarf galaxies
  • Star formation histories of galaxies traced by globular cluster systems
  • Galaxy formation scenarios traced by globular clusters


Scientific Advisory Committee: D. Burgarella (Lab. d'Astrophysique, Marseille), A. Burkert (MPIA Heidelberg), U. Fritze-von Alvensleben (Sternwarte Göttingen), D. Geisler (U. Concepcion, Chile), E.K. Grebel (MPIA, Heidelberg), W.E. Harris (McMaster U., Canada), M. Kissler-Patig (chair, ESO), S.E. Zepf (Michigan State U., USA).

Local Organising Committee: M. Kissler-Patig (Chair, ESO), T.H. Puzia (Sternwarte Munich), M. Rejkuba (ESO), C. Stoffer (ESO).