Proceedings information

ESO Workshop on Minor Bodies in the Outer Solar System

ESO Headquarters, D-85748 Garching near Munich, Germany

November 2 - 5, 1998

Proceedings information

Submission of abstracts

Abstracts for the conference should be e-mailed to both the SOC chair and LOC chair by Saturday August 15th. A LaTeX file is prefered (it means less work for the SOC chair!), but plain text is also acceptable.

Preparation and submission of manuscripts

The workshop proceedings will be published as part of the ESO-Springer conference series. Previous titles in this series may be found at the Springer website.

We ask participants to prepare their manuscripts using LaTeX. Macros for Latex2e and Latex 2.09 may be obtained from the Springer site. If you have trouble getting there, intructions are also available by anonymous ftp at the ESO ftp host ( . Go to /pub/esoproceedings/latex and download all of the files.

The following page limits have been imposed on the proceedings:

Invited review paper 15 pages
Contributed oral paper 5 pages
Contributed poster paper 2 pages

The absolute deadline for submission of manuscripts is December 1st 1998. Instructions about where to send your manuscript and figures will be provided at the workshop. However, if you wish to submit a manuscript before the workshop, please e-mail it to

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