The Role of Dust in the Formation of Stars

Jean-Michel Basquiat, "Stardust 1983"

The Role of Dust in the Formation of Stars

First Announcement and Call for Papers

September 11-14, 1995

Programme, with information on proceedings and instructions for authors. (August 1995).

Ralf Siebenmorgen                    Hans Ulrich Käufl

ISO Science Operation Team		
Kepplerlaan 2			     Karl-Schwarzschild-Str. 2

NL-2200 AG Nordwijk	             D-85748 Garching

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Dear Colleagues!

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) is presently 
constructing its Very Large Telescope (VLT), an array of 4 
eight meter telescopes.  To keep the VLT observatory and its 
scientific instrumentation in phase with the evolution of 
astronomical research ESO is organizing selected workshops 
dedicated to specialized fields of current research. In this 
context we are happy to announce a workshop devoted to


to be held Sept. 11-14, 1995, at ESO headquarters in Garching 
b. München (Germany). The workshop will start on Monday 
Sept. 11th at 9h00 and will end on Thursday, Sept. 14th at 17h00.

The objective of the workshop is to have an exchange between
observers, experimentalists and theoreticians. The discussion 
shall encompass the status of observations and observational 
techniques, laboratory experiments and theoretical research with 
emphasis on what is needed to test predictions and to constrain 
The SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATION of the workshop will be by:

- Rolf Chini and Endrik Krügel, MPIfR, Bonn, Germany 
- Thomas Henning, MPG-AG Dust and Star Formation, Jena, Germany
- John Mathis, Univ. Wisconsin, Madison, USA  
- Antonella Natta, Oss. Astronomico Arcetri, Italy
- Jean-Loup Puget, IAS, Orsay, France 
- Alexander Tielens, NASA Ames, Moffet Field, USA 
- Nikolai Voshchinnikov, Astron. Inst., St. Petersburg, Russia

The workshop will be ORGANIZED LOCALLY by:

- Hans Ulrich Käufl, ESO, Garching, Germany
- Ralf Siebenmorgen, ESA/ESTEC, Nordwijk, The Netherlands

As an introduction to the sessions a series of REVIEW TALKS is
planned. Submission of and proposals for review talks from the
community are still strongly encouraged. There will be a series 
of contributed oral presentations of about 20-30 min.  
Additional papers may be given as posters.

Speakers are expected to present new and original results and 
the organizers are committed to publish the proceedings shortly 
after the workshop. The workshop is restricted to app. 110 

The PROCEEDINGS of this meeting will be published by Springer 
Verlag as part of a new ESO Scientific Workshop series. 
Instructions for the preparation of manuscripts will be 
distributed in due time.  Registered participants will 
automatically receive a copy of the Proceedings.

There will be a REGISTRATION FEE of DM 150.00 payable at the 
meeting.  The fee covers the cost for a copy of the proceedings, 
an informal reception at ESO, coffee and refreshments during 
the meeting and transportation between the hotels and the 
workshop venue.

Please find at the end of this message a note on the electronic 
online information services for this conference.

The workshop shall address the following topics:

0. Introduction

- short presentation of the VLT project
- short presentation of the VLT scientific instrumentation

I. Present observations of YSOs 

- suspected protostars and protostellar clumps, 
- T Tauri stars, 
- Herbig Ae/Be stars, 
- OB stars associated with ultracompact HII regions,
- YSO in binary (tertiary?) systems, infrared companions, 
- circumstellar disks,  
- Vega-type stars

II. Properties of dust around YSO.

- difference in dust properties as compared to the ISM,
- fluffy grains and fractal structures, dust agglomerates,
- electrical charging of dust in the radiation field of YSOs
- interpretation of spectral dust features such as e.g. PAHs, 
  dirty ice, "diamonds", silicates  

III.  Processing of dust in YSO 

- grain coagulation 
- physics of the grain surface 
- outgassing of mantles and its influence to the surrounding 
  gas chemistry
- interaction of dust with shocks and MHD waves   
- the case of circumstellar disks

IV. Models 

- radiative transfer and synthetic spectra
- evolutionary scenarios

V. Dust as a catalytic agent for star formation

- interaction of charged grain components with protostellar clouds
- influence on the magnetohydrodynamic support of the cloud and 
  the collapse of protostellar clumps

Pre-registration by: 31. Dec. 1994 (n.b. papers will be selected and arranged according to quality of abstract and date of submission) second announcement + information on accomodation 15. March 1995 Deadline for registration + hotel reservation requests: 1. June 1995 Deadline for abstracts for the abstract booklet: 1. Aug. 1995 (10 lines in TEX format ready for printing, best adhering to the instuctions for authors) Info on local arrangements, confirmation of hotel reservation and preliminary program 1. Aug. 1995 Deadline (ABSOLUTE) for manuscripts: 15. Oct. 1995
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