VIRCAM @ VISTA Operation Team

IOT members

Instrument Scientist Juan Carlos Munoz-Mateos
Second Instrument Scientist Boris Häußler
Telescope Scientist Thomas Szeifert
Instrumentation Engineer Nikolas Haddad
Software Engineers Josefina Urrutia
  Pedro Baksai
User Support Scientists Monika Petr-Gotzens
  Marina Rejkuba
  Michael Hilker
Public Survey Scientist Magda Arnaboldi
Quality Control Scientists Wolfgang Hummel
Data Reduction Pipeline Developer Armin Gabasch
VISTA Principal Investigator Jim P. Emerson

The VISTA Consortium

VISTA is £36 million project, funded by grants from the DTI's Joint Infrastructure Fund and the STFC to Queen Mary, University of London, the lead institute of the VISTA consortium. VISTA is project managed by STFC's UK Astronomy Technology Centre.The VISTA consortium consists of: Queen Mary University of London, Queen's University of Belfast, University of Birmingham, University of Cambridge, Cardiff University, University of Central Lancashire, University of Durham, The University of Edinburgh,University of Hertfordshire, Keele University, Leicester University, Liverpool John Moores University, University of Nottingham, University of Oxford, University of St Andrews, University of Southampton, University of Sussex, University College London.The delivery of VISTA is an in-kind payment as part of UK's contribution to ESO.


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