SINFONI Documentation

  • SINFONI User's Manual (in Adobe's Acrobat format) All information about the instrument itself, its observing modes and characteristics
    • Period 103: to be used for P103 (removed contents that are relevant to LGS).
    • Period 102.1: SPIFFI detector persistent pattern added (to be used for P102 Phase 2).
    • Period 102: to be used for P102 (minor changes with respect to P101).
    • Period 101.1: LGS AO performance updated (to be used for P101 Phase 2).
    • Period 101: to be used for P101 (no changes with respect to P100).
    • Period 100: SPIFFI upgrade info incorporated.
    • Period 99: Please use the Period 97.0 manual below together with the supplementary notes.
    • Period 98: As SINFONI has recently undergone upgrade and the manual is being updated with new information, for the Call for Proposals please use the Period 97.0 manual below, in conjunction with these supplementary notes.
    • Period 97.0, Pupil Tracking mode information updated.
    • Period 96.1 , to be used for Phase 2 preparation (some clairfication and a few sections updated).
    • Period 96.0 , (no changes with respect to previous period).
    • Period 95.0 , to be used for P95 (no changes with respect to previous period).
    • Period 94.0 , to be used for P94 (no changes with respect to P93.2).
    • Period 93.2 , Current version for P93 (many sections updated). To be used for Phase 2 preparation.
    • Period 93.1 , Pupil-tracking mode expanded.
    • Period 93 , to be used for P93 (Pupil-tracking mode added).
    • Period 92 , to be used for P92 (no changes with respect to P89/P90/P91).
    • Period 91 , to be used for P91 (no changes with respect to P89/P90).
    • Period 90 , to be used for P90 (no changes with respect to P89).
    • Period 89 , to be used for P89 (details on detector persistence added)
    • Period 88 , to be used for P88 (no changes with respect to P87 Phase2)
    • Period 87 , to be used for P87 (updated for P87 Phase 2)
  • SINFONI Pipeline User Manual is available here.
  • An updated SINFONI data reduction cookbook is available.
  • An older version of SINFONI data reduction cookbook is also available.

Data Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions on data reduction is also available.