FEROS News Updates

On this page, we list the main changes that affected the instrument and this web site.

Proposal preparation: All proposers should check in the Call for Proposals which observing modes will be offered for FEROS and during which periods the 2.2m telescope is available in ESO time. These constraints need to be considered in the proposals.

See also the Previous News Items.

  • 2008-01-03:  A planet discovered around TW Hya (Setiawan et al. 2008)
  • 2006-10-15: New version of User Manual (see Documentation)
  • 2006-06-03: Successful installation of the new ADC (see Report)
  • 2005-11-26: Pipeline support for 2x2 binning readout modes  implemented (see DRS)
  • 2005-11-26: New version of User Manual and Template Manual released (see Documentation)
  • 2005-11-26: Daily Health Check implemented in Calibration Plan.
  • 2005-11-26: Quality Control (QC0) monitoring implemented.

News on Service Mode Data Packages

Starting from period 77, a new delivery of the Service Mode data is implemented. In addition to the raw data, the reduced data from the pipeline used at the telescope will be included in the data package. Although our aim is to distribute on a regular basis high quality reduced data, we cannot fully guarantee the quality and the avaibility of the reduced data.