Computing @ La Silla

You are welcome to use any of the free Linux PCs (located in offices close to New Control Room) ("drl...") using the username and password that is assigned to you for the time of your stay (sheet received at check-in time). These machines are equiped with large disks on which your data can be transfered. You can also use these machines to send email. However, note that you cannot receive email on there; you should re-direct the "Reply-to" to your usual email.

During the time of your observations, you are also welcome to use the powerful workstations installed at the Control room telescope, on which your data are automatically transfered. Laptop computers can be hooked to the network in the computer room, in your bed room and at the Control room telescope, using the DHCP protocol. However, please note that any MS-window PC MUST be scanned by the system manager (Control Room building, lower floor) BEFORE being connected to the network.