La Silla Seeing Statistics

La Silla Seeing Statistics

This page contains information about the seeing on La Silla Observatory (ESO, Chile) as reported by the night assistants working in the 4 biggest telescopes (ESO NTT , ESO 3.60m , ESO/MPI 2.20m , DANISH 1.54m) and by the Seeing Monitor (DIMM2) which operates in fully automated mode.

The data is obtained through a gaussian fits along the X and Y axis on stars selected from a CCD frame. The raw data is corrected to get the seeing value at zenith and at 0.5 micron using the following formulae:

  seeing(0.5u,zenith)= seeing(measured)*(lambda(Angs.)/5000)^-0.2/airmass^0.6

This mean that a set of homogeneus data is obtained and can be plotted.

All Seeing, as obtained by DIMM2

Main telescopes overplotted.

Main Telescopes(Monthly data,since 1995)

DIMM2(Monthly data, since 1995)

Monthly Statistics (DIMM2)

Further La Silla Astroclimatology Data