EFOSC-2: Photometric Zero Points


The following figure displays the evolution of the count rates and zero points (in electron/s, atmosphere corrected). Significant events have been indicated as labels. This page is generated automatically. The photometric reduction was performed using the Tmag Midas package, until the move to the NTT. The new automatic procedure is described on the ZP page.

Detector Set-Up: NORMAL read-out,
bin 2x2,
gain=0.91 e-/adu
Counts: 10^4 e-/sec, airmass=1, M=15
Zero Points: adu, airmass=1

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ls-imaging: update procedure in SciOps www: ~/Photometry/efoscZP/README and on this page

Archive of Photometric Solutions

The archive of photometric solutions is available as an ascii file. These are obtained on the raw frames, i.e. they should be used only on frames flatfielded with a flatfield globally normalized to 1.

Zero Points of other imagers: WFI.