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European ARC Announcements are provided by ESO and the European ALMA Nodes that together make up the European ALMA Regional Centre Network.

Torus2018 Workshop

Published: 27 Jun 2018

Workshop Announcement: TORUS 2018: The many face of AGN obscuration, Puerto Varas, Chile, 10-14 December 2018

Continuing the long tradition of international TORUS workshops, we announce TORUS2018 in Puerto Varas, Chile, to investigate the many faces of AGN obscuration. Considering the new theoretical and observational work carried out across the electromagnetic spectrum, the scientific goal of the workshop is to critically assess and challenge our current "common knowledge" and "widely accepted" torus picture. What do we really know for sure? What do we only think we know? And what is it that we do not know?

AtLAST Science Workshop

Published: 25 Jun 2018

Workshop Announcement: AtLAST Science Workshop, Royal Observatory Edinburgh, September 10 - 13, 2018

As a followup to the AtLAST Technical workshop held at ESO in January 2018, the AtLAST organisers are pleased to announce a science case development workshop to be held at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh in September 2018.
Registration page
Registration Deadline: July 1, 2018. Please contact the organizers if you missed the deadline and would still like to join. 

The Future of High-Resolution Radio Interferometry in Space

Published: 25 Jun 2018

Workshop Announcement: The Future of High-Resolution Radio Interferometry in Space - Noordwijk, The Netherlands, Sep 5 and  6, 2018

The main goal of this workshop is to identify the science case for a next generation space radio interferometry mission. Such a mission should offer unique opportunities for studies of extreme physical phenomena with unprecedented image resolution and quality.

ALMA Cycle 6 Call for Proposals - Statistics

Published: 12 Jun 2018

The deadline for proposal submission for Cycle 6 was 19 April 2018. 1838 proposals were submitted, including 18 Large Programmes. This is a further increase on the 1661 proposals received for Cycle 5. The oversubscription rate remains high (over 6 on the 12-metre array for the European applicants). Detailed proposal submission statistics are available in a dedicated report. The report provides a summary of items such as the number of submitted proposals and time requested, subscription rates, and comparisons with the number of hours requested in previous Cycles.

RadioNet: Calls for financial support - OPEN

Published: 04 Jun 2018

RadioNet is a consortium of 28 institutions in Europe, the Republic of Korea and South Africa, integrating at European level world-class infrastructures for research in radio astronomy. RadioNet has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730562, in order to perform a comprehensive, innovative and ambitious suite of actions that fosters a sustainable research environment.

Submission deadline: 01/07/2018, 5pm (CEST)


Vacancy Notice: ALMA System Astronomer

Published: 23 May 2018

For the JAO Department of Science Operations (DSO) in Santiago and the OSF in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, the ALMA Observatory is opening the position of

ALMA System Astronomer

The closing date for receipt of applications to be considered for the position is 31 May, 2018.  

Tracing the Flow: Galactic Environments and the Formation of Massive Stars

Published: 13 May 2018

Tracing the Flow: Galactic Environments and the Formation of Massive Stars
2-6 July 2018
Lake Windermere, UK

The University of Manchester, together with the UK Node of the ALMA Regional Centre, organises the next meeting in the series of high-mass star formation meetings.

Registration is now open

Vacancy Notice: ALMA Regional Centre Scientist

Published: 22 Mar 2018

For its ALMA Regional Centre at the Headquarters in Garching near Munich, Germany, ESO is opening the position of

ALMA Regional Centre Scientist

The closing date for receipt of applications to be considered for the position is 30 April, 2018.  

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