European Development Studies

In order to keep ALMA at the forefront of technology, ESO invites its member state institutes to participate in the European ALMA development programme. Every three years, ESO issues a call for development studies. Below, we provide an overview of the studies approved in 2010, 2013 and 2016.

ALMA Development studies aim at informing and developing technologies to implement the long term ALMA Development Roadmap. The majority of studies since 2016 are focused on the themes identified in the ALMA 2030 Reports.

The North American ALMA partner has a similar development study programme. The overview of these studies can be found here: NRAO Studies

Studies 2016

Author (PI)            Institute                       
Andrey Baryshev NOVA, The Netherlands Alma Digital Front-End: Configurations Study
Victor Belitsky GARD, Sweden SIS Junction Technology Development for Wideband 2SB Receivers
Alan Bridger STFC, UK The Evolution of ALMA Proposal and Observation Preparation
Gary Fuller UoM, UK InP MMIC LNAs for ALMA Band 2+3: Pushing the Noise Limit
Ronald Hesper NOVA, The Netherlands Improving Band 9 Sensitivity by Advanced Tuning Algorithms
Ronald Hesper NOVA, The Netherlands Full 2SB Receiver Upgrade for ALMA Band 9: Implementation Study
Mathias Maercker & Sven Wedemeyer OSO, Sweden & University of Oslo, Norway High cadence imaging of the Sun
Marcella Massardi INAF, Italy The ARI development study
Benjamin Quertier LAB, France Digitization and Digital Signal Processing for 16 GHz On-sky Bandwidth Analysis
Fabrizio Villa INAF, Italy Optimization and Production Engineering of BAND 2+3 Passive Components for ALMA Receivers

Studies 2013

Author (PI) Institute Title
Gary Fuller UoM, UK Development Towards an ALMA Combined Band 2+3 Receiver System
R. Brajša, M. Karlický Ondrejov, Czech Republic & Hvar Obs., Croatia Solar Research with ALMA
Anna Orlowska STFC and RAL, UK Study of Potential Improvements to the ALMA Cryocooler System
Benjamin Quertier LAB, France Very High Speed Digitization and Processing for Enhanced ALMA Bandwidths
Eduardo Ros MPIfR, Germany Phased ALMA as an Element of the Global Millimetre VLBI Array
Peter Schilke Uni Köln, Germany ALMA Analysis Software - an End-to-End view

Studies 2010

Author (PI)               
Andrey Baryshev NOVA, The Netherlands R&D Studies for ALMA Band-9 Upgrade Options
Victor Belitsky GARD, Sweden Preparation for Full Production ALMA Band 5 Receiver Cartridge
G. Fuller, A. Navarrini, F. Villa UoM, IRAM, INAF Science Case, Active and Passive Components for an ALMA Wideband Band 2+3 Receiver
Stafford Withington STFC, UK High-Resolution Interferometry Beyond 1THz with ALMA