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European ARC Announcements are provided by ESO and the European ALMA Nodes that together make up the European ALMA Regional Centre Network.

ALMA recounts of cosmic conundrums: What is the role of filaments in star formation and how are they shaped?

Published: 10 Mar 2022

The next talk of the series will be presented by Alaro Hacar (University of Vienna), on April 6 at 14:00 CEST, who will address the question: What is the role of filaments in star formation and how are they shaped? The talk will be broadcast on the Youtube channel of the European ALMA Regional Centre network.

I-TRAIN #13: Writing & Reviewing ALMA proposals

Published: 26 Feb 2022

The European ARC Network invites users to an online training on good practices for writing and reviewing ALMA proposals on March 18th, 11:00 CET [Zoom link].

ALMA recounts of cosmic conundrums: How are the building blocks of life formed?

Published: 21 Feb 2022

The next talk of the series "ALMA recounts of cosmic conundrums" will be presented by Izaskun Jiménez-Serra (Centro de Astrobiología), on March 2 at 14:00 CET, who will address the question: How are the building blocks of life formed? The talk will be broadcast on theYoutube channel of the European ALMA Regional Centre network.


Fifth European ALMA Regional Centre community assembly

Published: 19 Feb 2022

The European ALMA Regional Centre invites European ALMA users to a virtual community assembly on March 24 at 11:00 CET, in connection with the Cycle 9 call for proposals. At this meeting, we will update you on the current and upcoming observing cycles and on the support from the European ARC network. In the dedicated Q&A session you will have the opportunity to ask your questions. The meeting can be accessed at this link.

February Maintenance Period

Published: 18 Feb 2022

Also in 2022, as in previous years, ALMA is in shut-down mode during the month of February. This period is used for maintenance purposes and operations are expected to restart on 1 March 2022. More information about the configuration schedule can be found on the ALMA Science Portal.

Vacancy Notice: Astronomer/Software Engineer at UK ATC

Published: 17 Feb 2022

The UK Astronomy Technology Centre (UK ATC) is looking for an experienced astronomer/software engineer to join the ALMA software development team. The initial role will be to join the international teams designing and implementing software for the ALMA data processing pipeline and the ALMA Observing Tool. The deadline is on 20 March 2022 and more information can be found at the UK ATC recruiting page.

The ARI-L project has reached its main goal

Published: 15 Feb 2022

The Additional Representative Images for Legacy (ARI-L) ALMA development project has already delivered to the ALMA Science Archive (ASA) 132100 complete images. These are continuum images and cubes at native resolution for all targets and calibrators of more than 2300 Cycle 2, 3 and 4 datasets. This correspond to more than 70% of the datasets of those cycles processable with the ALMA imaging pipeline. The ARI-L image products can be retrieved from the ASA as "Externally delivered products" on the Request Handler download page directly listed below the ALMA data.

ALMA Science Archive previews

Published: 15 Feb 2022

The ALMA Science Archive now features fully interactive previews (zoom & pan) which can be accessed directly from the result table of the ALMA Science Archive interface. For each spectral window, the main FITS file is identified and its preview displayed, if available. The previews show the continuum image, the peak-flux (also called moment 8 image), and - if strong lines exist - the moment 0 and moment 1 image of the strongest line.

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