Erasure Video: Fill Us With Fire (ESO 50th Anniversary Exclusive)

An exclusive video Erasure — Fill Us With Fire (ESO 50th Anniversary Exclusive) with Andy Bell, the lead singer from the British synthpop band Erasure, at ESO’s Paranal Observatory and edited with some of ESO’s best astronomical images.


Erasure/ESO/S. Lowery/J. F. Salgado ( Guisard (

Directed by: Simon Lowery
Editing: Simon Lowery, Lars Lindberg Christensen & Patrick Geeraert
Music: Erasure/Andy Bell
Footage and photos: ESO, J. F. Salgado (, S. Guisard (, Guillaume Blanchard & Simon Lowery

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Date de publication:12 mars 2012 11:00
Annonces en rapport:ann12019
Durée:03 m 14 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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