Grand Prisme Objectif telescope (decommissioned)

The Grand Prisme Objectif is a copy of a telescope installed at the Observatoire de Haute Provence in France. One half of the telescope is a 40-centimetre objective prism for obtaining the spectra of many objects at the same time. The other telescope is for guiding. The GPO was first operated in Zeekoegat, South Africa from 1961. The Grand Prisme Objectif was ESO's only refracting (lens) telescope.

More information about the GPO's French "twin" is at the Grand Prisme Objectif external page.

Science goals

Astrometry, stellar spectra for classification and radial velocities, minor planet discovery.

Grand Prisme Objectif telescope

Name: Grand Prisme Objectif telescope
Site: La Silla
Altitude: 2375 m
Enclosure: Classical dome
Type: Double astrograph
Optical design: Refractor
Diameter. Primary M1: 0.40 m lens (visual/guiding tube and second photographic tube)
Material. Primary M1: doublet Ross lens (flint glass & crown-barium)
Diameter. Secondary M2: none (refractor)
Material. Secondary M2: none (refractor)
Diameter. Tertiary M3: none (refractor)
Mount: Equatorial yoke mount
First Light date: 6 June 1968
Decommissioning date: Decommissioned in 1996 and replaced by 1-metre MarLy telescope.
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