Finnish Involvement with ESO

Finland became the 11th member of ESO, when it joined on 7 July 2004 (eso0423).

Finland currently contributes 1.46% of ESO’s revenue, worth 2 371 000 EUR.

Discoveries by Finnish astronomers using ESO telescopes

In August 2003, Kimmo Lehtinen and Kalevi Mattila at the Helsinki University Observatory detected a never-before-seen ring of infrared light around a newborn star. The star is embedded in its natal cloud of dust and gas, collapsing under its own gravity. The observations were made with ISAAC on ESO’s Very Large Telescope. (eso0327)

In March 2008, Mika Juvela, Veli-Matti Pelkonen and Kalevi Mattila at the Helsinki University Observatory successfully measured the distribution of mass inside a dusty dark filament in a molecular cloud. The measurement was based on a new method that looks at the scattered near-infrared light and was made with ESO's New Technology Telescope. (eso0806)

Additional Involvement

The Finnish architects Kouvo & Partanen designed the ALMA Residencia sited at the ALMA Operations Support Facility, close to San Pedro de Atacama in northern Chile. The shape of the buildings and the colour of the exteriors of this major architectural project are designed to meld with the surrounding environment of the ALMA site. (eso1713)

Number of Finnish astronomers and staff working at ESO

There is currently one Finnish national employed at ESO working in Santiago, Chile.