Six-Channel uvby-Hβ Photometer at the Danish 1.54-m

The Six-Channel uvby-Hβ Photometer was mounted on the instrument adaptor at the Cassegrain focus of the Danish 1.54-metre telescope in the late 1980s. The adapter housed a field viewer with a field of 3.5 × 3.5 arcminutes2 and an integrating TV system. The TV system was also used via a periscope system for centring the star in the photometer diaphragm.

The Six-Channel uvby-Hβ Photometer was a rebuilt version of the Hβ Photometer together with the Four-Channel uvby Photometer. It included the Hβ section and filters were added to make it very similar to the Four-Channel uvby Photometer that was mounted at the Cassegrain focus of the Danish 0.5-metre telescope.

Six diaphragms with diameters of 110, 32, 16, 10, 7 and 4 arcseconds were available to the photometer.

Stars brighter than V=6.5 could not be observed without using a neutral-density filter. If the density filter was inserted the limit was V=4.0.

A photometric data acquisition system similar to that of the Danish 0.5-metre telescope was available to this photometer. With the help of the integrating TV system, stars at least down to V=15.5 could be seen and centred in the diaphragm.

The Six-Channel uvby-Hβ Photometer was decommissioned in the 1990s.

Six-Channel uvby-Hβ Photometer

This table lists the global capabilities of the instrument.

Location: Decommissioned
Telescope: Danish 1.54-m telescope
Focus: Cassegrain
Type: Photometer
Wavelength range:
Spatial resolution:
Spectral resolution:
First light: Late 1980s
Science goal: Stellar photometry
Images taken with the instrument: N/A
Images of the instrument: N/A
Press Releases with the instrument: N/A