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We are ESO, the European Southern Observatory. For decades we have been designing, building and operating the most advanced ground-based telescopes in the world. Discover our mission, our observing sites and telescopes, our discoveries and our people.



Directed and edited by: Martin Wallner
Web and technical support: Gurvan Bazin and Raquel Yumi Shida.
Written by: Martin Wallner and Bárbara Ferreira
Consultants: Xavier Barcons, Michele Cirasuolo, Mariya Lyubenova, Roberto Tamai, Anna-Lynn Wegener
Narration: Louise Nielsen
Interviewees (alphabethically): Javier Alarcon, Xavier Barcons, Isobel Hook, Elizabeth Humphreys, Bárbara Nuñez, Louise Nielsen, Ricardo Parra, Suzanne Ramsay, Roberto Tamai, Guido Veccia, Herbert Zodet
Music: Johan B. Monell (www.johanmonell.com) – Rosetta Mission, Mylonite MRP (Mylonite Recordz Production) – Berceuse Spatiale.
Footage and photos: ESO, ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO), L. Calçada, J.Doornenbal, EHT Collaboration, B. Häußler, H. Heyer, G. Hüdepohl (atacamaphoto.com), F. Kamphues, M. Kornmesser, S. Lowery, C. Madsen, C. Malin (christophmalin.com), M. Nadjar, Naumann Film GmbH, J. Porte, Francisco Rodríguez, SCHOTT AG, B. Tafreshi (twanight.org), A. Tsaousis, UHD Team, Guido Vecchia, M. Wallner, M. Zamani, H. Zodet
Acknowledgements: Chepox, MPE, MPIA, NOVA, SCHOTT AG, Sener, VPHAS+ Consortium/Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit

Media footage:

Cover and website images: BBC, El Mercurio, El País, La Tercera, Le Monde, National Geographic, Nature, New Scientist, New York Times, Reuters, Süddeutsche Zeitung, The Economist

News snippets:

24 Horas (24horas.cl), TVN, Chile
BBC News (bbc.com/news), BBC, UK
Connect the World (edition.cnn.com/shows/connect-the-world), CNN, USA
DW News (dw.com), Deutsche Welle, Germany

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Episode 467 (2018)
Guest: Neil deGrasse Tyson
Executive Producers: Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Chris Licht, Tom Purcell, Barry Julien
Production Companies: Spartina Productions, Busboy Productions, CBS Studios
Network: CBS

The Story of Oumuamua, the First Visitor From Another Star System (2018)
Speaker: Karen J. Meech
Production: TED (ted.com)

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